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  • Tomek @Tomas Rotherhithe updated 8 months ago

    Quick comment on the latest poll

    The latest poll in Community Support group has ended, I wanted to quickly comment on it, but it seems the support already closed it.

    Anyway, I just wanted to thank everyone who participated. Bigger number of votes would have given me/us a better picture but still it's good.

    For me personally the most important result is 22% of the votes on "The website or user app often loads too slowly or has too many bugs". Making the site load faster is now a top-priority thing for next weeks for the tech team.

    One surprising thing is that no-one voted on "I get far too many notifications". I was suspecting quite a few votes as this is something I would have voted for. Before, we planned on upgrading how notifications are grouped and a few other changes, but thanks to this poll this will surely be postponed now. So yes, every vote counts. Have a good evening.
    • Yes, can do without the (new) one - you have interest! Thanks

    • @To... I find that the notifications has sufficient settings already. My only comment would be that ..

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      8 months ago
    • @Ra... the issue with notification is of a different sort, though - it's about its default behaviou..

    • Perhaps no one voted for getting too many notifications because it`s easy to `turn-off notifcations`..

    • I’d rather get rid of the notifications for groups and just keep the ones for comments

    • @To... I see what you mean, but why not either make settings part of the sign up procedure or a one ..

    • I like the notification as they are at the moment. If I go to the latest one, all the others for tha..

    • @Ra... yes, we could think of something like that, a part of the onboarding process. @Ve... you exp..

    • @Ve... That's been exactly my experience and you've expressed it just fine.

      Seeing that there are d..

    • I just go to notifications click as read and turn them off I don't read any cant see the point. But ..

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      8 months ago
    • @Di... sure, we can add a setting for that. Thank you!

    • @Di... I am not jealous but I have never had an email saying that! It must be one of the notificat..

    • @Di... - asked that earlier - first comment down - admittedly I put 'you have interest'.

    • As I understand it, now you can't turn off email notifications which I would prefer to do, without t..

    • @Mr... it's on TODO list as well.

    • @To... Thanks very much. 👍

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      8 months ago
    • I think we talked about the email notification before. All you need to do is redirect them to your S..

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