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  • Quick chocolate cake...........

    ShirleyM @ShirleyM Camberley updated 7 months ago
    • More calories 🍷

    • Hope she did not put all that that was on the fork in her mouth in one go 😲😶

    • It's very tempting to Skalms, lol. I'd love to try it but have no coco powder at the moment, it look..

    • I couldn't see any quantities - need to use up the cocoa powder that I've had for (years?).

    • I noticed that didn't seem that anything was measured. I can't do my clothes up so not for me my mou..

    • The measurements are cups Selsey, American way of measuring , 1 cup = 150g

    • recipe - - 220 gr All Purpose Flour ( 1 1/2 cups )

      - 85 gr Unsweetened Cocoa Powder ( 2/3 cup)

      - 150..

    • I've only s/r flour, do I leave baking powder out! Have you made it?

    • No I've not made it yet 'cos I haven't got any cocoa powder, daughter getting me some tomorrow. I wo..

    • Worth a try to use up cocoa powder, thanks!

    • If you use self raising flour you don't need to add baking powder, although some people still do if ..

    • I just thought 3 teaspoons was may be to many Liz?

    • @Sh... maybe it’s because it’s a microwave recipe??

    • Thanks Shirley - added to my recipe collection (all my clothes have shrunk since March, but never mi..

    • So you have washed them too many times on a hot wash just like me.

    • @Sk... likely story 😂😂 so when the clothes shops open we will all buy a larger sizes - whoops 😬

    • @Ch... think that's going to be a couple of size. But I am just short of the weight I was 8year..

    • It just doesn't seem important atm. I'm alive, well and as safe as possible - but overeating - so wh..

    • I made this cake this afternoon and was extremely pleased with the result, microwaved in 5 mins 30 s..

    • PS, it's absolutely delicious and Granddaughter, who is dairy intolerant, wants it for her next birt..

    • Blimey - well done. Haven't done it yet (busy with my mask), don't know if I dare now!

    • @Sh... I also made the cake today but it doesn’t look as good as yours and I haven’t iced it. I h..

    • @Sh... by the way I made it with the alternatives milk and butter instead of water and oil. I use..

    • I did to the letter Charlotte, even used 3 teaspoons of baking powder! and used SR Flour. I panicked..

    • @Sh... - I don't think your cake looked like this - not sure if I've over cooked it or under cook..

    • Oh Dear Soggy Bottom. Oops. Was it supposed to have butter, can't remember.

    • Ah, never mind Selsey, at least it tasted good, especially with custard, yum.

    • Forgot the photo!

    • That looks fine Selsey, mine came out much the same, at least you chose the right sized container, m..

    • I think you're just being nice. I thought I could use butter - didn't know what oil to use anyway, o..

    • I used olive, I couldn't believe how sloppy the batter was after adding all that warm water. I thoug..

    • @Se... you said you put Lurpak with the warm water. Are the top. Still looks yum. I understand now ..

    • @Sk... it said you could use oil or butter, water or milk. I used butter and mind looked pretty sim..

    • I'm afraid I have to be honest, not sure I can eat much of it, has now become like a brick and weigh..

    • @Se... sounds like an overcook but can’t see otherwise where it went wrong . We have had ours two d..

    • It's 100 percent me, probably best suited to a Kango hammer digging up the roads, no light touch.

    • @Se... 😂😂 use it as a weapon

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