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    Hi All,

    we would like to remind everyone Scooploop encourages a positive, upbeat and helpful community.
    Lately we've been observing a lot of negativity towards other members of the website, esp. within groups.

    This is something we cannot allow to happen.

    We want Scooploop to become a platform where users can feel comfortable and not threatened by anyone.
    We want to send nothing but positive message towards newcomers, as well.

    Therefore, we will be imposing stricter rules and monitoring the situation more actively, especially in OPEN groups.
    There will be introduced a 3-strike system for violating Scooploop policies, including expelling users for good.
    More on this to come in upcoming weeks.

    We want also to bring up the matter of users creating multiple accounts (so called aliases).
    Although aliases can be harmless at times, it is obviously not a good practice - we will be looking more closely on how
    to deal with this problem. Nonetheless, any obvious aliases with be removed instantly, with no warning.

    Moderators are reminded they are in charge to dealing with negative comments more actively.
    In case the issue persists, they will face loosing their moderator status, the group might be taken over by us
    or by a respected member of our community or the group might be downgraded from open to closed.

    Have a good day!
    Scooploop Team

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      2 months ago
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      2 months ago
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    • Nicely said, @Di... - as always!

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