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  • Pet insurance - cancelling today

    Selsey @Selsey Hayes updated 10 months ago

    Probably written about this before but have now decided pet insurance has become ridiculous.
    Paying £55 per month at the moment. The dog had an argument in the park with another and I payed £348 at the vet the same morning. Rang the claims department and - in addition to the £135 excess - was told they would also deduct 20% as the dog is over 8 (she is now roughly 12). I have never claimed before in 7 years and have accepted the other bills which have not reached the £135 or too little over as to not worth bothering (as you also pay the vet £10 admin. fee). Actually ended up with £170.
    So will now transfer the £55 into another account. I've really only kept on so long with current dog as she is such an agile dog (lurcher). I stopped paying insurance with my last dog (a thoroughbred terrier-type mongrel) at about the same age and put away a 4-figure sum until he had to be put down at 16. After, of course, paying thousands in insurance over the past years. Which goes up every year as the dog gets older.
    I appreciate if a dog develops a long-term problem it's difficult - just have to hope it doesn't happen.

    • I too decided to stop insurance Selsey as all my 3 Greyhounds were older and insurance companies wou..

    • That's sad, Sandie, glad she was with you though.

    • I've never had pet insurance. But do put £10 a week away. never had to use it yet, with this dog. An..

    • Yes, I'd heard that they won't pay out on the second illness. My biggest worry was the public liabil..

    • Ham 3 points

      I would never be without pet insurance as the bills can be enormous if surgery or some serious inves..

    • Worked for you then Roz. Unfortunately my dogs were older rescued Greyhounds.

    • A friend of mine, with rescue GS, was paying about £160 a month when he became 16 - and he's a far-f..

    • Hi thay want £70a moth for my x. Grayhound. .Sow now ase I am at a certain age

      Decided to register a..

    • @Mi... - just seen her photo - I thought she looked like a greyhound. £70 a month seems a lot..

    • Hi now just have to pay less than a nominal vet prise

      ASE am semey Retired at moment.

      Would rather..

    • Yes it is because she is classed are pedgree dog .that I have to

      Pay Hiyer rate to issue

    • Suprise the pDSA do not do a more FARE issures system too

      Wer you pay monthly.

    • Ridiculous - I'm sure it costs the same price to treat all dogs equally!

    • Can't believe want a crapy day today again .

    • Michael if Amy was rescued wouldn’t class her as pedigree?

      Yes pouring here. Greyhounds don’t like t..

    • At rescue centres, you pay more for pedigree dogs. My lurcher is an all-sorts (I don't think lurcher..

    • @Se... I don't know of any rescue that charges more for any dog over another. They are all the same..

    • Thing is Selsey I think Lurchers seem to look identical to Greyhounds - can you tell me the differen..

    • @Ro... - when I last had a rescue dog, the going rate was £90 or £120 - might have increased since (H..

    • Does she wear the harness all the time, not seen one of those before? Mine had those wide collars be..

    • That was in the last house. Has a padded harness when at park and a different harness when we get in..

    • Know what you mean Selsey. I had to rattle back door into garden to alert any birds, squirrels or ca..

    • @Se... I have never paid insurance to any insurance company. From when I got my yellow lab as a pup..

    • I think you did the right thing, doing that now and touching wood. I haven't used the money I saved ..

    • You did the right thing dowing that .

      The pet insurance industry are getting two exspeciv now

      With a..

    • @Se... I did think that would be the better option rather than an insurance company & even my vet s..

    • Wishing i could start up soom kind of saving account for INSSURE vet payment .

      We're all pay say £50..

    • My dog amy HAVING a sle6

    • He's lovely. Had a Labrador once who was beautiful, only dog that wasn't a rescue. I've always had d..

    • They do love their sleep Michael. 🥰

      Thinking you can get prescriptions from vets and order some meds..

    • Yes, I've done that in the past. Vet charges for prescription but still cheaper - the suppliers are ..

    • @Se... The vets prescription charges are a joke as well considering that nearly all of their medica..

    • @Se... I'd have a whole zoo full if I had the room & the money lol. I had a staffy before my lab bu..

    • @Mi... awww bless him. He's lovely

    • @Sh... - that must be one of the worst things, not knowing what happened to him. So sorry.

    • So many dogs stolen now too. Again the worrying of how they have ended up.

      I had a vet receptionist ..

    • I wonder who splayed mine - vet couldn't believe she had non-surgical (can't think of the word where..

    • That's crazy should of goot some one in how hase done op


    • I think she was a gypsy dog, used for coursing.

    • At least she’s with you now Selsey.🥰

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