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  • Pastry tip!

    ShirleyM @ShirleyM Camberley updated 4 months ago

    Just made a batch of my 'family favourite sausage rolls' for the freezer.
    I've discovered that instead of using a knife to trim the pastry the best gadget is a pizza wheel. I never cut the rolls into individual pieces until I've forked the front of the sausage roll and then run the pizza wheel along the edge to remove excess pastry and keep them all neat then egg wash before cutting into the whole roll to make each sausage roll and placing them onto a baking tray. A Pizza cutter is great when making biscuits too, you get such a nice straight edge.

    • Are also using those little grey cells, many jobs for one tool.

    • My Wife always says the pizza wheel is one of the most important tools in the kitchen and is always ..

    • I'm with your wife on that one Robert, it is a very handy gadget and not just for cutting pizzas!

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