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  • Ryan T @RyanT St Albans updated 3 months ago


    When there are a number of notifications on the dropdown panel, they are all shown shaded. .When one is clicked the shading to all the others in the same thread disappears and reference to any others in the same thread is completely lost from viewing due to looping.

    The shading should remain until all the notifications have been individually viewed.
    With the old sequencing of series comments, it would not matter, but with looping comments other than the one selected are lost to view.
    • I find the only way is to see the number of notifications and what it goes down to once one is click..

    • @Ry... I thought that change was made recently after several members complained that they had prefer..

    • If 10 notifications apply to one thread and one is selected, it takes you to the loop that one appli..

    • Maybe magic 😂

    • I don't know, @Ry.... I think they realise that the current arrangement isn't ideal. They tried one ..

    • I've been thinking about this a lot. What would be a 'good' solution? Not aiming for perfection, yet..

    • I`ve always thought that rather useful @Ry.... I always go to the earliest notification in that thre..

    • I do not find this issue easy to describe. Let's have another go.

      If there are 15 notifications all..

    • @Ry... it does seem

      to have got complicated since the recents changes and I often find myself searc..

    • @Ro...

      So do I and simply give it a miss.

    • I hate to be a party pooper but I just about understand what they are trying to do but I prefered it..

    • @Vi... - I think it's kind of only half-done, yet. I'm sure they look at competitor sites and the 's..

    • As for your other comment, @Vi... , it's not unreasonable to be concerned, but I think you're compar..

    • Good morning all. Thank you for your comments and for bringing this to our attention @Ry...

      As @Pe.....

    • I agree @Ry...  It makes it really difficult to identify which comments in a thread you haven't yet ..

    • @Pe... I like it all to be one conversation. Slightly off-topic/leftfield ideas make me think and h..

    • It is difficult to understand what you my friends talk about without giving full configuration of yo..

    • Is anyone else still having trouble with notifications?

      Eg I get 3 notifications for the same threa..

    • @An... - an alternative is to go to 'All Notifications' and click from there. That always works for m..

    • @Pe... Thank you Peter. Yes, I sometimes do that if I remember to. It works a much better than the ..

    • I've added it as a bookmark on my toolbar.

    • @Pe... Done. Very useful, thanks.

    • @An... we'll try to fix this particular issue.

    • In a day or two we'll introduce some alternative solution to this problem, hopefully it will suffice..

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