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  • Ryan T @RyanT St Albans updated 1 month ago

    Note - Eviction from a Loop

    I have just been advised by SL that if a member is evicted from a Loop by the moderator, the system automatically blocks the member from re-entry.
    The Loop moderator cannot undo an eviction.
    • @Ry... perhaps this was put in before moderators could choose the option to be asked permission to a..

    • @Ry... is this the reason for them to come back under another name? 😥

    • @Ve...

      It stops a member from repeatedly applying for membership, which has been done.

      Of course th..

    • Hello

      Yes, this is the case. However moderators can message us to allow the user in and we can proc..

    • @Sc... this is a good idea as it may be that a new moderator wants to chose to allow a member..

    • There needs to be better authentication by Scooploop of new members, not just email which is far to ..

    • @Ra...

      Not much else SL can do without intrusion into privacy.

      I would not like Scooploop becoming..

    • @Ry... Two step authentication might be an idea, virtually everyone has a mobile phone that recieves..

    • @Ra...

      Mobile phone use to authenticate an issue demonstrates an incredible lack of understanding ..

    • @Ra... good idea. There’s only so many friends and family members whose phones you can borrow 👍

    • That's why we have so many aliases which causes suspicion and friction between members there is no w..

    • @Ry... I didn’t say a smartphone, basic mobile phones can recieve texts and even some landlines can ..

    • @Ra...

      IMO any inclusion of mobile phones to authenticate a matter is a total disaster and complet..

    • @Ry... if you have the internet and can access a forum it’s very unlikely you would not have a basic..

    • @Ro... That's the main thing my phone is used for, takes ages for messages to come through though a..

    • @Bo... I appreciate that but that again would have to be something to be considered.

    • @So... when I started a group here from the old mystreetlink friends, I was told only a private g..

    • @An... I would have thought that having groups with varied members would be more interesting and say..

    • @So... Yes I do enjoy groups with varied memberships, some open and some limited. I have been ref..

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