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  • NHS waiting times

    With a recent survey being carried out by the charity, Engage Britain, it has been found that as many as 1 in 5 British people have felt the need to go private with their healthcare. It has been a long known and much discussed fact that the NHS is overstretched and its workers overworked, however this survey sheds a new light on an ever growing problem.

    The survey found that while 77% of people were proud of the NHS, many also felt let down by the service. The majority of the people who had felt the need to go private had done so as they had encountered difficulties arranging treatment on the NHS or the service was simply not available on the NHS. It is a shocking statistic that in a country offering free healthcare 20% of people still feel the need to pay to ensure that they receive adequate service.

    Have you seen a big difference in the NHS services post Covid? Are the waiting times now recovering following an initial set back or will treatment times and appointment availability be an issue we are dealing with for a long time to come?

    The number of people receiving diagnostic tests and consultant led treatment this summer is more than double the amount when compared to Summer 2020 and the national medical director for NHS England has said: "NHS staff have worked tirelessly over the pandemic, caring for 450,000 patients with the virus in hospital, which has inevitably had a knock-on effect on less urgent care and created a backlog, but staff are also now pulling out all the stops to recover services and help more people as they come forward for care.’’
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      1 month ago
    • I had to wait 2 years to see my glaucoma consultant. I paid privately whilst waiting because obvious..

    • I'm bemused by the difference between two adjacent hospital trusts' ability to provide face-to-face ..

    • I had very good and speedy treatment a few months ago, only a few weeks from seeing GP, being referr..

    • @Bo... Appointment waiting times are lengthy but I needed to see one urgently a few weeks ago - I ph..

    • @Di... I would say it`s that post code lottery working again but if they are adjacent then there`s ..

    • Then there`s the `putting you off`.Bad knee?-not old enough. Asthma drugs not working?-no specialist..

    • Several years ago I had a problem with varicose veins. My GP said they weren't doing any operations ..

    • @El... I had an op for those veins and it didn't do any good at all.

    • @Bo... Sorry to hear that Boots. My Mum`s op saw 15 years pain free!! They don`t do that sort of op ..

    • @Bo... my sister-in-law had that operation of stripping the veins. She went through months of recupe..

    • @Kr... Mine weren't stripped out - just a couple of multi ties, I don't get too much pain w..

    • @So... Must`ve done-worked for my Mum. When she had her`s done she was standing(I remember her te..

    • https://www.hertfordshiremercury.co.uk/news/hertfordshire-news/stevenage-woman-27-died-cancer-592484..

    • @Ro... that's awful. Poor girl.

    • More and more we are put off making appointments by receptionists,stupid appointment systems & not b..

    • @Kr... By no means all general practices are like that, so please don't condemn them indisc..

    • @Di... mine uses that too but you still have to wait at least a week for a telephone appointment.

    • @Di... & @Bo... Mine`s gone from waiting 2 weeks for an appointment to`on-the-day` appointments onl..

    • @Kr... I've been trying to get an appointment since last Thursday but not even telephone on..

    • @Kr... Mine has that too, on the day appointments, but the telephoneline is continuously en..

    • @So... I`m looking fwd to finding that out. I might even go to the surgery to make an appointment..

    • @Kr... They might let you in, but then tell you to phone them. 😕

    • @Kr... Mine don't let you in without an appointment and then taking your temperature outsid..

    • Never had many appointments over my life time but now needed a hospital eye consultation and receive..

    • @Bo... Yeah! I`ll probably find the same.

    • @Lo... These days everything is a `contract`-especially services. Pay us whatever over however ma..

    • @Bo... They clearly need patient feedback, if their systems are that user-unfriendly. My local pract..

    • I don't understand why everything else has gone back to practically normal except for Doctors. ???

    • @So... I don’t think everything else is back to normal. I am waiting for an op and haven’t heard ..

    • I was thinking more to do with shops restaurants airports etc I can't understand why we can't have f..

    • @So... because Doctors have got used to hiding behind their receptionists even more than before 😕..

    • I had a mole that looked a bit iffy he told me to send him a photograph of it. 😲

    • @So... that’s normal practice. My husband had to do that years ago before the pandemic

    • @So... that happened to two male friends, both had a mole on top of head (shortage of hair), both..

    • Yes the same in the end, my doctor sent it to the consultant and after two months called me in to ha..

    • @So... two months !

    • I know, and all that time you're worried whether it's something serious.

    • @So... That's a long time, they are usually pretty quick on mole problems.

    • @Se... Not for me they wasn't. ☹️

    • @So... a few years ago I took my Mother to the GP about a hanging mole. The Doctor referred her i..

    • @Ch... So that was pre Covid. I think mine was delayed because of Covid most probably.

    • @So... I've had 3 moles removed surgically and stitches with every one.

      1 thing i had that was a..

    • @Bo... he removed my with one of those freeze guns, didn't feel a thing at the time, it was a bit so..

    • @So... both friends saw the mole clinic within 3 weeks and this was in the last six months defini..

    • @Se... that’s it , give him a complex 😂

    • @Se... maybe they didn't like the photograph that they asked for..... I was completely naked at the..

    • @So... had 9 stitches when they removed mine, you were lucky!

    • @So... Unusual because moles have roots that need to be cut out,

    • @Bo... there are different types .

    • @So... they probably didn't know where to look .......

    • Oh well it's done now. Occasionally I get a wart, and I have discovered bazuka gel, it's brilliant.

    • @Kr... Whatever the cause, asking the hospital PALS for help with this worked. I got a call..

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