• Tomek @Tomas Rotherhithe - 1y

    Newest Bond movie : No time to die

    Has anyone seen it? Any thoughts?

    I saw it on Sunday, having read some good reviews, but I got fooled again.
    I don't want to offend anyone as I understand James Bond is next to the queen in terms of national gems ;)

    But, it's not a good movie, I'm sorry. I mean, of course some nice visual effects, in theory some intriguing story - but that's about that.

    The same potato salad only this time a little bit extra fat, or less salt - effectively it's just the same potato salad we ate like 100 times already.

    I wish for once they changed the format a bit more... Maybe not another creepy villain this time? Maybe more dynamic characters? Maybe a bit more complex story? Maybe more humour? FFS, think a little bit outside of the box, producers!

    The only Bond movie I liked was Casino Royale (with Craig), as it actually differed a lot from this same old used format.

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