• Derek R @DerekR Iver Heath - updated 1y

    New ball point pens not working.

    I've just opened a pack of ball point pens and tried to find one to work, by scribbling over a piece of paper in circles, figure eights and back and forth. Nothing was happening other than managing to shred the paper.

    Eventually I found the fourth one started to work. So I knew that the others possibly could. Having tried paper and getting nowhere with the first three I decided that a change of surface might work. Thinking that it might need a courser surface to get the ball rolling I was going to search for some card. But before leaving where I was, I spotted a roll of sellotape. Now that has two surfaces so I thought I'd give it a go.
    I stuck an inch or so (sticky side down) to my shredded paper and did a few circles. All of a sudden ink appeared. I tried another that hadn't worked and that started inking up. I tried the third and that worked also.

    I can't claim that using sellotape will get your pens working, but it worked for me. All four are working properly. If you have trouble with new ball pens in future, give it a try, it may just work for you also.

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