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    Netflix: The Crown

    After long months I finally tired out "The Crown" (Season 3 and 4) on Netflix. Has anyone seen it? I bet many users did as it's after all a history about our/your beloved Queen.

    It all got me thinking how this whole monarchy structure even works. As an outsider (to UK) I always thought of the queen as some kind of mascot to England (if I offended anyone here I can call her Latin Fidei Defensor). I read that weakening of British monarchy started with queen Victoria (yet, 18th most popular English person apparently to some poll I forgot).

    She would show up on TV on some special occasion, like Ascot, sometimes dressed in a funny attire. That was pretty it. And yes, of course unhappy Diana with unhappy Charles - every little kid, even in far depths of Poland knew of this great, great tragedy... Somehow, no-one ever wondered why we even gave a hoot to all this joke.

    And don't get me wrong, I'm not some revolutionary freak that wants to kill all the aristocracy back in 18th century. It's just that to me the woman does literally nothing, except for owning some land and showing up here and there. I admit, this is a very valuable brand for UK (Elisabethness, Diananess, etc) and I wouldn't get rid of the goose that lays the golden egg. But at least it's given this is all a well-planned theatrical show, isn't?

    And now back to Netflix - the show on the other hand seems to say that Queen's role in the political landscape really matters. And that's what's struck me the most when watching it. Even as a "consultant" of sorts to the PM she is after all British sovereign - I know - but what does it even mean? It's just a word, because it is OBVIOUS the real sovereign are British people - they can cancel this show in a referendum, any time. So my main question is: is the whole story just super exaggerated or is that 1:1 real? Based on your memories and knowledge.

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