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    Motorcyclist crashes twice in same Orpington road

    I copied this from Nextdoor. Original posted by Mark Daniels. Incident happened in Stirling Drive.

    Drug Fuelled Idiot !!! . Today not once but TWICE from the house that we are blighted to have in our midst . Came a young lad who crashed his motor bike once , an ambulance was called , he got up rode off and hid in the same street. The idiot then came out and actually crashed it again right in front of the ambulance sent to assist him. Response , 3 Ambulance crew, 4 Police Officers , 4 Fire Crew. 11 exemplary people sent to help a complete f......t

    The offender verbally abused all the Police and Ambulance crew kicking off , shouting , screaming , just a total idiot .

    My view , launch him back out of the Ambulance back into he gutter he fell into .

    Send him a bill for all the cost of money we tax payers fork out to assist such idiots .

    The Ambulance crew must have been here for over an hour as was the Police as he was just off his head and so abusive , why do we or they, have to put up with it .

    Bill these people , make them suffer the consequences of their actions , hit them hard , if they can afford drugs they can afford to pay for all the time they wasted .

    Simple and easy , yet the law simply panders to these people and we have to foot the bill, its utter lunacy .

    Knife crime , one solution , get caught with a knife , 5 years , fast track prison .
    Use a knife non fatal 15 years fast track prison.
    Fatal , life ,as in whole life prison no parole .

    Any offender using drugs , weapons , of any sort bill them for their waste of Police , Ambulance time etc ,let us stop pussy footing about and treat fire with fire .

    Thats me off my soap box


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