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  • Derek R @DerekR Iver Heath updated 2 months ago

    More autonomy for Post Originators (OP)

    This will be contentious!

    Would it be possible to give more autonomy to the Original Poster (OP) of posts.

    We know and acknowledge that some people decide to attack and disrupt conversation for the least possible reason, mainly because they are able.

    Would it be possible for the OP of a post to 'Hide' comments from other people and even remove people from continuing to comment on threads?

    Obviously there would still be Moderators who would have their armoury as well. This suggestion will be in addition to - and not replacing - formal moderation, but by the OP who needs to silence disruptive elements from destroying their thread.

    Any 'hidden' comments or other actions would be annotated that they were performed by the OP.

    My view is that this will allow more people to control their discussions better.

    Obviously any abuse - for example silencing genuine and certifiable differences of opinion - should be addressed by complaints to Scooploop who could withdraw the provision from that particular OP.

    It would be interesting to hear your thoughts.
    • Certainly worth discussing, it's an interesting idea if used properly but could be abused by the OP ..

    • @Ra... I realise that could happen, that's why I mentioned it and suggested that if that happened, ..

    • @De... thank you for this interesting idea - we'll look into it and let you know.

    • Interesting idea, it makes sense although when l was in MSLCHAT we often went off topic and no one m..

    • @Sc... Many thanks, I just feel it may help keep decent threads flowing without having to fig..

    • @An... I wasn't meaning subject drift, it was more to stop disruptive elements.

    • I think going off track will always happen as it does in normal conversation but some people make a ..

    • @De... I agree that unkind, bullying and nasty arguing remarks should be stopped.

    • The phrase 'too many cooks spoil the Broth' springs to mind !!!

    • @Cl... it would only be the moderator and OP, that shouldn't be a problem.

      There are groups with m..

    • @De... I agree and had thought similar, having had to literally close some of my threads down, or r..

    • @De... I totally agree, so many times I have tried to start a thread on a subject and it is deraile..

    • @Da... this continued point scoring and weaponising of the blocking system are getting completely ou..

    • @Ch... I can well believe it, all is silly beyond belief.

    • @Ch... how ridiculous, only school children behave like that, most people grow up!

    • @An... yes it’s as if some people regress once they are behind a screen and keyboard.

    • Seems to me people should stop feeding the trolls. Don't answer and they'll soon get fed up and go b..

    • @An... you can’t answer if you are blocked 😂 and I hadn’t done so anyway, which makes it even sillier..

    • @Ch... True but I'm just sick of it all.

    • @An... I met up with a bunch of sad characters in a post started by that duck character. The post was..

    • I've been thinking about this, off and on, all day, @De.... Leaving aside the practicalities for th..

    • @Ha... I don't remember any of that so I probably didn't read that thread. Not sure who the duck ch..

    • @Pe... I think what is needed is strict moderating in the groups. If this doesn't happen consistent..

    • @Pe... the trouble with blocking it must sometimes exclude members from seeing something relevant t..

    • @Pe... I appreciate what you are saying and fully understand the point you are making about the wro..

    • @Ch... There are four people who cannot see this thread through the IDs I have Blocked. However..

    • @De... - two we can all guess. One I know (as he's messaged me, and, just to warn you, I've given h..

    • @Pe... I would guess that you are correct about the first two.

      Is the one you are referring to som..

    • @Pe... I forgot to agree with you about the calm, grown up discussion which is capable of happening..

    • @Ch... - that counts as collateral damage. If another user has been sufficiently unpleasant to ..

    • @De... I think I could have a reasonable guess as to the identity of the good cop/bad cop. Have obs..

    • @ma... You may well be correct with your guess. I too was watching for quite a while before I took t..

    • @De... I can think of a few that would have already disrupted this thread. Enough is enough in my e..

    • @Da... I'm happy with those I can currently communicate with and as @Pe... intimated, it's been a s..

    • @Da... I agree but surely, as you said before, if moderators used the powers they already have, we w..

    • @Ch... I agree with you, if moderators came down hard the there wouldn't be any need to block p..

    • @De... I have some on block,simply because they are allowed to continue to post insults to others a..

    • Do you know what utterly appalls me? There are members on here who take every single opportunity to ..

    • @Da... If we are talking about the same contributors, I too think it is appalling.

    • @Se... it is really disturbing to me that it is not seen as harassment and bullying. I know some pe..

    • What is quite flabbergasting is that SL allow things to carry on. As far as I am concerned there are..

    • @Da... I've just reported that behaviour. I'm fast getting sick of it all.

    • @Le... me too. I've started reporting it all but nothing is done. It is time for scoop to interven..

    • Another point, I don't think has been mentioned, no single moderator can be expected to be on here 2..

    • @Le... I think is just a reason to attack others. It's blatantly done now not even hidden

    • @Ve... I actually think it should be a requirement

    • I can see pros and cons for OP's being able to delete comments.

      It could stop the threads going too..

    • I attended the funeral of a very good friend on Thursday who, it must be said, had a rather unpleasa..

    • @Da... but what if the moderators disagree, must happen sometimes. (I've no idea who chooses the mod..

    • @Le... I think, without question, they are the four I have Blocked. The dangerous one is the Jekyl..

    • @Se... I think it should be that whoever is on mod "shift " has the final judgement on what happens..

    • @Se... I have started to use the thunder also. I think the time has come for people to just turn a ..

    • @Ve... That was going to be my next suggestion to deal with out of hours comments. @Sc... cur..

    • @De... that's a really good idea

    • @Da... that’s already possible and I have used it myself. Closed a thread and reopened it during hou..

    • @Ch... I didn't know you could do that!

      Fortunately, I'm not in the same main Group/Loop as t..

    • @De... I think that is too extreme, it's basically turning the OP into a moderator only more so, ev..

    • @Ch... do you have to close it or can you disable comments

    • @Da... I am not sure , I have closed it and then used the reopen tab each time. In the last case I b..

    • @Bo... You don't have to do it, this is if you want to do it.

      There is no compulsion for you to do ..

    • @Ch... I really don't know what will make it better. I've heard so many times to.report stuff u..

    • @Da... currently you have to close the thread, I'm suggesting a temporary closure message which mean..

    • @Bo... it is clear that moderation alone is not resolving the problem of people with disruptive inte..

    • @De... yes I see the logic of it, I just wonder if some might use it to control any comments that a..

    • @Da... As usual, the voice of reason.

    • @Bo... I don't believe it will. Obviously discussion should take place, but I don't believe that mal..

    • @Bo... But this does happen with a Mod of an open group - he just closes threads when comments happe..

    • @Da... your two groups work very well, no trouble and both sides of debates are seen. This could be b..

    • Having been used to a forum only having groups, if I was a new member I would have no idea what a lo..

    • I have noticed that the membership of the peaceful private groups continually decreases, whereas tha..

    • @Mr... strangely I've not seen any decrease in Oasis members since Catherine left and @Da... t..

    • @Ve... It has dropped to 124 from 132 since that happened.

    • @Mr... As a moderator, any application to join is scrutinised closely, current members for th..

    • A number of very nice members have ceased their membership due to the abuse. It's a shame.

      Those wit..

    • @Ve... moderators haven't had to step in so I'm guessing the worst of troublemakers cannot see this

    • @Da... so true and goes to show who the troublemakers are.

    • @Da... they can almost certainly see it, but not under their troublemaking names.

      If they used any ..

    • @De... Why not - the 2 everyone keeps referring to without naming are both members of this loop

    • @Bo... But they can't (officially) see any thread I open. That's why it has been smooth discussion s..

    • @De... because you have blocked them ?

    • @Bo... Yes, some time ago, not specifically for this thread.

      The effect is that they cannot disrupt..

    • @Bo... It's Mick and Montmorency, who are the same person.

    • @Mr... I honestly have no clue who you are referring to, there!

      Who on earth are Mick and Mo..

    • @Bl... Google them. It will be obvious who they are on SL.

    • @Mr... I'm sorry, but I don't feel inclined to have to Google cryptic comments or members.

    • @Bl... It is not permitted to name members. They are referred to in this post. Most members know w..

    • @Bl... The comedy duo were obviously before your time.

    • @An... - after time in my case.

    • Well I haven't aclue who they really are

    • @An... I wonder how far back we have to go? I have been here for a little while.

    • @Mr... then again, I haven't aclue who you are either so I don't think I will listen to anyw ..

    • @Mr... Do you mean Sok and Uncle A?

    • Oh, no! I've just given myself a clap again - sorry, I didn't mean to!

    • @Bl... I was going to say that I've heard penicillin works, but I won't!

    • @De... Glad you didn’t, might offend ! 😁

    • @Mr... "the group with the troublemakers increase", could this be due to many multiple accoun..

    • @Mr... It’s very astute of you to notice the decrease in membership in The Oasis. Do you keep..

    • @An... Than you for your input. I agree with you.

    • @Da... I may have to join if it is a normal nice group!

    • @Da... I can assure you it is. 👍

    • @Da... No, I don't keep an eye on all the groups. Did they leave, or were they removed? If all non-po..

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