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    Hi all,

    As mentioned before, we are making upgrades related to user location.
    Specifically, we've standardised our database of locations for the UK and all other countries; meaning that they now share the exact same logic. In more human terms, we're dropping the exact postcode information that was only taken from users in the UK. Effectively this means that you will be able to update your location now by its name, not postcode.
    Hopefully this change will end the issue of unmatched locations, wrong names and so on. The location search tool that you are now given doesn't work perfectly (we are working on improvements) but it should be good enough for you to choose any location that you want.
    As usual, please report any errors to us as this was a massive change in the system. The newest app release (1.38.04) is also ready for that change.

    Have a great day

    The Scooploop Team

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