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  • Limiting messenger to friends only

    Tomek @Tomas Rotherhithe updated 6 months ago

    Hi all,
    we've been getting complaints about people getting some random fishy messages from users they didn't know.

    How does our community here feel about limiting the messenger only to Scooploop friends?

    • How will a genuine non-friend be able to contact you privately if that system operates?

    • @De... I guess they would have to become friends first. The question is: is there an actual scenari..

    • I don't like the friends system, it seems to encourage some of the trolls and I have recently been m..

    • I have been contacted by people who are not "friends" and are not problematic either on purely benig..

    • To be honest I don't use the friend facility (can't see the point of it really !) and to have a mess..

    • All comments very valid, thank you. The whole point of this discussion really is to limit the scamme..

    • I sometimes want to send a private message to one of the members of my group but they are not all ‘f..

    • Thanks for your reply. Are you in a position, @To... to see who this scammer has targetted, by acces..

    • Should keep it so you can message anyone

    • Keep it like it is so you call out racists and self confessed trolls like Michael B aka Jester aka s..

    • It's weird how far Helen has fallen, to go from an old pro like Alistair Cowley to Michael B beggars..

    • And before Clive changes your pullup for you, please everyone note that it is Michael B who is conti..

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