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  • Levovo T410 laptop

    eilish @Eilish Woodlands updated 1 year ago

    re my post below with regards to an HP laptop, I have decided to park it and I replace it with a 2nd hand Lenovo T410. I have discovered there is no spell or grammar checker installed.

    Can anyone recommend a free to download spell & grammar that I can download?

    I appreciate all help, but. please bear in mind that I have no IT abilities, so please keep it easy & simple, thank you.

    • Hello Elish. A computer does not have a spell checker, it is the program that you are using that has..

    • George W, I know that I said that I am not IT literate but, i am aware that the computer itself does..

    • The spell/grammar checker is usually an option you have to enable and configure (country, language e..

    • CliveF I am not computer literate, How? I am using Firefox .

    • Clive F I am not IT literate.I am using Firefox as my browser. Please treat me like you very old gra..

    • For Firefox, select Menu (3-line icon) --> OptionsThen scroll down to 'Language & Appearance'.Make s..

    • 1 click on settings (3 bars top right)2 click on options (spiked wheel)3 scroll down to 'Language' (..

    • You could also check ....1 click settings2 Add-ons (jig saw piece)3 languages4 check for, or add Eng..

    • Clive, many thanks for this useful info.

    • CliveF, Thank you for the suggestion of add on, however,It would not let me download this dictionary..

    • stick to the standard English (GB) Language Pack.

    • CliveF I could not find an English (GB) Language pack only th eone I mentioned above

    • Eilish, look for "British English Dictionary (Marco Pinto)" -- it's the one I have installed.This ad..

    • Peter, I tried to download "British English Dictionary (Marco Pinto)" and It got so far and o furthe..

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