• In Dec 2020, I bought a new laptop which had Windows 10 installed. It did not have Word or Excel on it. A friend advised me to buy a Microsoft key with them on it. I did and got an email with the key code, which I put into my laptop. Since i do not particulary like winows 10, I have been using my Windows 7 lappy. I opened my Windows 10 laptop over the last weekend, and tried to use Excel & the response I got is in the picture below. I got the same thing when I tried to use word. Question - do Microsoft keys only last for a year. I tried Google for an answer but got nowhere. Please remember if responding, be aware that I am NOT IT literate. Thank you.
  • Posting on MSL Chat , trying to click in the box, to reveal previous comments on any thread, it does not work. Can someone have a look and see if it can be fixed. Thank you.
  • Today, I have replaced my black ink cartridge, I try never to use the colour ink, however, today when I went to use the printer, it would not work. I am assuming, it is because I got a message saying the colour cartridge was empty. My question, is, can I replace the colour cartridge with a black one, to make it work, as I do not have a need for a colour cartridge? TIA.
  • on creating an email account, disappear to, please?

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