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  • Lenovo T410 laaptop on Windows 7

    eilish @Eilish Woodlands updated 5 months ago

    When typing a message/text on my laptop, the letter does not appear on the screen. Is there a quick or easy fix? I M NOT it literate, so need to be lead by the hand with the answers. I greatly appreciate all or any help. TIA.

    • Morning. If it just one letter, you can quickly overcome this by activating the on-screen keyboard. ..

    • Do other keys also not respond? Or just the one? IThink your device drivers may need to be updated (..

    • @Jo... No it is several keys. I tried as you suggested typing n-screen into the search box , no on-..

    • @Ei... That should be: on screen keyboard. I'm assuming you have Win 10

    • @Jo... No refused to give up Windows 7 after hearing all the moans and groans fro those who did.

    • @Ei... Didn't spot Win 7 in the title! To open the On-Screen Keyboard on Win 7, go to Start , then ..

    • @Jo... Sorry for the delay in responding to you suggestion above, I trien to do as you suggested, b..

    • @Ei... Morning. I fired up a Win 7 computer to check the instructions which I gave you from the web..

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