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  • Last poll "When a user creates a thread" - conslusions.

    Tomek @Tomas Rotherhithe updated 1 month ago

    OK, so first I wanted to thank everyone for participating.

    What we've decided is that we will give the user the option to remove only the contents of the initial post, without destroying the whole discussion (whole thread) - simple as that. Should this happen, the post will read "Content of this post was removed by its author" or something of this sort.

    On a bit different, more negative note, I wanted to say I will be suspending users who sidetrack the conversation from my group here. I'm sorry, but as much I love to read about your personal disagreements, my primary job is to actually code those things we discuss with my team, not to read into reports. I'm running this group myself to be able to more quickly cut to the chase of the problem, that's all.

    Either way, I'm hoping I can count on you for next polls to come, and there will be many more interesting ones.

    • @To... sorry I don't understand "the user". Does this mean if I am the original poster, I can remove..

    • @Ve... He's saying you can remove the OP, you know like Rosie used to do incessantly and annoy every..

    • Will the OP still be allowed to close the discussion ? Was not the OP allowed to edit their original..

    • Catherine @Mi... I'm still confused as I can change or delete my wording on my OP's now. I don..

    • @Ve... yes you're right - let's see what the clarification is

    • @To... Thanks, fair decision 👍 do you think maybe "publication rather than content of this post was ..

    • @To... I understood your initial post without any problems. Dare I say, with respect, you could have..

    • All I meant was that we will give an extra option to the OP (the person who started the thread) to r..

    • @Da... I realize that but I still believe it was worth it. Several good ideas came up and they are ac..

    • I think I understand!

    • Basically what it means is anything you write on SL, you will have the right to delete.At the moment..

    • @Mr... pretty much so, with one correction - you could still remove it, but only when you remo..

    • Which you could `Edit` to nothing ......... or a single dot maybe !

    • @To... with respect, imo your example makes this post look senseless and gives no idea as to reason ..

    • But you could always use edit and just delete the text and replace with a couple of full stops if it..

    • Same as Clive said, I notice

    • @Mi... yes, but at least it will be a formatted message to other users. Also I think editing i..

    • @Ve... I agree it sometimes might look nonsense, but it's a compromise between some users' rights an..

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      1 month ago
    • @To... no don't think there is a time limit currently

    • Tomek, many thanks for this sensible modification.

    • @To... this whole exercise has been nonsensical and confusing. so now you're saying we will not be a..

    • @Mr... no, it's not what I'm saying.

    • Let me rephrase: "you could (for a few years now) still remove it, but only when you removed your wh..

    • @To... what does you could still remove it but only when you removed your whole "account". SL member..

    • @To... sorry thomas bare with me. so now you are changing it. so that we "can" delete a published po..

    • @Mr... yes precisely. All I meant was a correction to your statement when you said "you will h..

    • I can't see the point of keeping a thread going if the original post is removed. It makes no sense a..

    • @li... it all boils down to, you will have the right to delete all of your own writings, but not an..

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