• Tomek @Tomas Rotherhithe - updated 1y

    Last poll "When a user creates a thread" - conslusions.

    OK, so first I wanted to thank everyone for participating.

    What we've decided is that we will give the user the option to remove only the contents of the initial post, without destroying the whole discussion (whole thread) - simple as that. Should this happen, the post will read "Content of this post was removed by its author" or something of this sort.

    On a bit different, more negative note, I wanted to say I will be suspending users who sidetrack the conversation from my group here. I'm sorry, but as much I love to read about your personal disagreements, my primary job is to actually code those things we discuss with my team, not to read into reports. I'm running this group myself to be able to more quickly cut to the chase of the problem, that's all.

    Either way, I'm hoping I can count on you for next polls to come, and there will be many more interesting ones.

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