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  • Laptop making one helluva noise

    Michael B @MichaelB1 Orpington updated 1 year ago

    Turned laptop on and the noise of the fan is making a noise like a car over revving. It has done this before quite a few times but it can be fixed by shutting down a nd restarting. But today no amount of shutting down and restarting is making the laptop run with its normal quietness.

    It is not yet affecting ths software, apart from it is running a bit slower than usual.

    Any suggestions what to do.

    • Hi Michael, I hope all is well.It could be a couple of things that’s causing the fans to go crazy.1)..

    • Hoping its dust and will be using vacuum cleaner on it. I have laptop on table and nothing is blocke..

    • Yeah you can try that or alternatively get a can of air duster. This is usually what I use for mine...

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    • The trick with the vac is to see if it pulls some fluff and if it does then move the hose side to si..

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    • Short bursts are normally enough. It is that:1. You may be blowing into the wrong holes2. The proble..

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    • Michael, it's been a while and no replies from you. Either you have fixed it or killed it... Which o..

    • Sorry for the delay. it seems to be running quieter now.

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