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  • Is it possible?

    Ray P @RayPro Thorpe St Andrew updated 4 months ago

    My Wife has a "droopy" head and has difficulty seeing in front of herself!
    I am thinking of a video camera linked to either mobile phone or glasses so that she can be more independent.
    The other option as she wears glasses already would be some kind of prism.

    Any ideas if either of the above are feasible or if there is another option.

    This is still in the very early stages, nothing has been done yet apart from attending the orthopaedic department at our hospital.

    • Would a neck collar help? I knew a lady who was really bent, she never used any aids.

    • @Lo... She is getting a head support custom made at the hospital but even when it is fitted her s..

    • My mother suffered like this and I am heading that way. Don't know if I can suggest anything when wa..

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