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  • invited list into private group not recognised

    Ray P @RayPro Thorpe St Andrew updated 6 months ago

    I have a private group and I recently checked the membership of which there are less than 20 and I then noticed that there were 31 people invited, only one I know and none have been active this year apart from my invited person.
    I cannot delete or remove them - I have not provided a screenshot for obvious privacy reasons.
    It is the same on all platforms and operating systems

    • That's strange Ray.

    • @Ly... luckily as the group is private Ray would know if any of these people try to join the group ..

    • How odd, MSLCHAT seems to still be as it was before, no change. I had a suspicious character try to ..

    • Hi @Ra..., we have noted this issue and we have responded to you personally via direct message :)

    • @Ly... i would like to join a private group is there any in south east or kent thanks do u need to ..

    • @C1... As far as I know, you make one yourself or you just look at the various groups available and se..

    • @C1... Scooploop members are mainly around the London area where it was first started but there are me..

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