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  • Introducing Local Loops

    Hello everyone,

    we would like to announce a few changes to the local section of the site. To keep in line with the recent changes to Scooploop and to give users more control over what they see and how they use Scooploop, we will be transforming the local section to include loops also.

    Users will be automatically assigned to these local (neighbourhood) loops based on their current location. Users can also join additional Local Loops allowing them to widen and customise the local feed to suit their needs.

    We have taken the decision to make this change to allow you, the users, more configurability and control over what you see and how you use Scooploop, meaning content has increased relevance and is more useful to each individual.

    Local Loops will initially be moderated by ourselves; however, moving forward, we will be offering the moderation to local users relevant to the loops.

    As this is a big change there may be some bugs that appear, we will be working hard to fix these as and when they appear so please do bear with us.

    We hope you enjoy the change and look forward to hearing your feedback.

    Have a great day.
    • Thank you - how do I join loops that are not on your local list ?

    • So far finding it very restrictive, have had to join several loops to include just some of the ares ..

    • @Bo... it's supposed to be more restrictive actually. It's one of the core differences to what we ha..

    • @To... so how do I join a loop that is not on the list for my locals ?

    • It may just be me. But I don't have a clue what this is on about- perhaps a short tutorial with scre..

    • @Bo... this is all very fresh and still hot from the oven, so there will be a search functionality s..

    • I found the loop for Slough in my list of loops. I think we will need a tab for Local Loops, if we a..

    • At the moment there's only me in the Bromley loop and I have a choice of nearly 1800 other local loo..

    • @An... there's only 5/6 to choose from on my locals list

    • @Bo... Mine says nearby local groups 1793. Maybe it will be sorted out later.

    • @An... Where do you see this number ?

    • I'm just wondering how it will work. Bromley and Petts Wood are spitting distance apart so lots of l..

    • @Le... In a gist - Your Local Feed will show posts from all your Local Loops, much as you used to ..

    • @Bo... - Click on 'Local', then in the side menu you ill see 'Local Loops. Click on that and you wil..

    • @An... - I was thinking about that. Upton is effectively a suburb of Slough. I have joined Local Loop..

    • @Pe... all I get on there are 5 loops, don't get the hundreds others speak of and not the 2 tabs yo..

    • @Pe... now let's take this slowly (very slowly) - Q1 how do you find local? I am using app on mobil..

    • This really isn't working out well for me - i found the list [over 1800] gone through and through bu..

    • Ahhh, give it time, @Bo...! This is obviously a massive change for Scooploop and there are going to ..

    • @Le... - I don't know whether everything is available on mobile yet, but if you click on the SL lo..

    • @Bo... Where did you see the 1800 I can only see the five. where did you click to see the rest.

    • @An... I've barely seen any postings from people in the Bromley area. So far I've put this down to th..

    • @Pa... I've posted quite a bit about my local area, things like vaccinations, blood tests etc but..

    • @Pe... This is the thing, if no-one joins Bromley then I'm basically posting to myself.

    • Just looked on Local, then Hayes - and I'm the only member!

    • @Se... Snap. Maybe you can moderate yourself 😂

    • @An... I don't think I must be saying much at the moment as there's no posts ....

    • @Pe... Thank you it did work and moreover I understood your guidance.

    • @Ma... Click on local then click on local loop and as Peter said 2 tabs come up at the top - click o..

    • @Bo... Thank you

    • @Se... - I think there's a plan to find the local posts that were posted in the past and move them ..

    • Crikey, I'm impressed with that, @Le... ! It was written in an awful hurry!

    • @An... - yes, I quite understand, and that has always been a bit of a Catch-22 problem: no-one posts,..

    • @Pe... That would be a good idea

    • @Sc... very sorry, I think this is a total waste of time. I like other have now found I have ..

    • @Ve... I have not been on here long and was trying to find my way around gradually. I feel dumbfound..

    • @Sc... Sorry these changes are a headache.

    • @Ve... I've joined a Petts Wood loop but can't see you in it. Is there more than 1? I think I'll sti..

    • It was much simpler with my radius set at 20 miles which encompassed all the areas where I know peop..

    • @Bo... I need an area that covers Bromley, Beckenham, Hayes, West Wickham, Petts Wood and possibly O..

    • @An... That would suit me very well too. It's mainly local news I'm interested in this morning. For i..

    • @An... I've now gone for Bromley Common as the Petts Wood option is the Orpington BR5 area and doesn'..

    • @Ve... I agree. The designated areas are rubbish.

    • Off topic, but in the hope that Scooploop will be reading, does anyone else think the 'Workshop' is ..

    • Hello everyone and thank you for your feedback so far.

      With the new local loops the idea is to creat..

    • @Se... No, there was another ad in it this morning

    • @An... - I had four or five - all removed by admin.

    • @Sc... I have just looked at the 253 local loops to Bromley Common and I'm more confused. The..

    • There are at least 5 loops for Greater London - confusing

    • @Bo... I live in Greater London and there are more than 5 loops in the Bromley area alone.

    • @Ve... So do i but it's a huge area so what loop do you join ? it doesn't say East West, North South..

    • @Sc... I don't want to tell you your job. But would it not have been better if we had our loc..

    • @Bo... sorry if I misunderstood your comment.

      I agree at the moment we have no idea how far away ea..

    • @Ve... You're not in my Bromley group, I'm on my own. Must change my deoderant 😂

    • It would be useful if loops were alphabetical. I've got 451 to plough through to see if there's one ..

    • @An... I couldn't find an option for Bromley only Bromley Common. Strange system !!

    • @An... if our current location was enlarged as a default there would be no need for all of this fluff..

    • @An... - I think a choice of alphabetical or by distance, and a search facility. No doubt all these w..

    • @Pe... Maybe it was launched a bit before it was ready

    • My local Hornchurch group and my two loops I moderate are enough for me. Why would I want to trawl t..

    • @Da... Because I would like to see what is happening 3 miles from Bromley

    • @An... I’m not knocking Scooploopers that find it useful but I find it OTT.

    • @Da... Doubtless things will improve in time but at the moment it's a silly system of having to join ..

    • @An... - Maybe, but they have been gradually rolling out and refining changes to the site, which is m..

    • @An... - I agree it's silly having to join loads of loops, and I don't think that's the intention.


    • Apparently [ so SL said] you will still be able to see posts and comments from all the places you di..

    • @Pe... I think the problem is the Bromley area. We are one of the largest London boroughs and altho..

    • @Ve... There's really not much difference between Bromley South, Bickley, Petts Wood and Hayes, they..

    • @Ve... - I wonder whether the answer is for you to all congregate in the Bromley loop? Or any one lo..

    • @Pe... It would be useful to have a search facility on loops because at the moment there are over 4..

    • @An... - Agreed, it is rather ridiculous, especially as 'Search' is available for non-Local loops. Bu..

    • @Pe... No I hadn't noticed - thanks. Will take another look. It probably just needs a few days to s..

    • @An... - I think there are many more refinements to come, and unfortunately I think we'll be the guin..

    • @Ve... same problem for me. I live in Croydon and theres 405 to choose from! Some areas seem to have..

    • @li... - some are apparently duplicates because the towns/areas span multiple postcodes: each has i..

    • Hello Everyone

      Thank you for all of the feedback, we are taking it all on board.

      With the new loca..

    • In my local loop there is more than one local loop for the same area and some of them are further do..

    • In the London area people will want to join more than one loop as people in London are likely to be ..

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