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  • Tomek @Tomas Rotherhithe updated 3 months ago

    Important app update

    the new update for the app should be now available on play store, android only. IOS should be available by tomorrow the latest.

    This update includes some important fixes to replying feature, still more to come in upcoming days. Any feedback is welcome.

    p.s. Poland vs. Sweden just started and it's already 0:1..
    • @To... I was going to let you know but didn't want to upset you

    • Had to wait for 15 other Android app updates, but all in place now. Think I noticed a few new change..

    • Did we go off topic!? 🤣

    • @Pe... please do. I've been using the app for a few hours now and nothing major came up in terms of..

    • @To... - I think we have more issues with the U than the X! But I'll certainly keep a look out.

    • This is after hitting the 'reply' button on my U / X comment above. Didn't think 'reply' was appropr..

    • Yup. There it is again. Tracked back out to the main feed, found this thread and opened it, then cli..

    • @To... - please see bug report above!

    • Somehow, on returning back from this subthread, opened a 'Create post' window (screen grab shown). T..

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      3 months ago
    • @Pe... thanks, I will ask the support to analyse this. BTW, probably best to send the exact descrip..

    • @To... - noted. I would normally, especially now I can include photos, but since the sub-thread was ..

    • Now, this comment went on the wrong thread. What should I have done...?

      [update] -- got it. Related ..

    • @To... - Actually, and this is relevant to my bug report, I just tried to answer you without using '..

    • FYI, there is another app update on its way (1.34.04). The reason I'm posting about it is that provi..

    • Sorry, @To..., mine is showing 1.34.00. Have to go to Play Store to update, and that is showing 1.34..

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