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  • I need a new mobile phone

    eilish @Eilish Woodlands updated 1 year ago

    My Grandson (18) has this one, anyone know anything about it good or bad
    (Unlocked, Steel Blue) Xiaomi Pocophone F1 Dual Sim | 128GB | 6GB RAM

    • Xiaomi is a very good make we have owned 3 of them, 2 were pure android one operating system which w..

    • @Ra... Ray, you have lost me, what is the Chinese system layer over android? TIA

    • Samsung, LG, Sony and all manufacturers have their own take on the operating system which is basical..

    • @Ra... Thanks Ray, my grandson is visiting during the week and I will get him to show me how it wor..

    • From experience (I used to help do it!) the fewer tweaks to the operating system, the better. You ar..

    • saying that Peter Xiaomi (pronounced "showme") is the 3rd largest mobile phone manufacturer in the w..

    • Fair enough. Don't really follow the mobile market these days -- far too many manufacturers and mode..

    • Probably because all their sales have been in China untill this year.

    • @Mi... and then sold on through Amazon?

    • You could try asking @Ar... (H of olden days).

      I'm sure he said that he owns one of these Xiaomi Poc..

    • Dear All, I am confused which maybe due to my age BUT if I want to speak to somebody I use a phone. ..

    • @Pe... I am sorry but you lost me. I am not tekky so dont know anything about updates & tweaking or..

    • @Ei... but your Grandson does so stick with his instructions.

    • @Ei... I am finding this thread rather confusing .... It says at the top that you need a new phone...

    • @An... If I needed a new mobile 'phone and someone offered me one that they no longer needed b..

    • I took it that her Grandson was recommending the phone that he has and Eilish was asking whether we ..

    • Oh, I see, I must have misread the whole thing.

    • And I am pretty sure that @Ar... has got one of these Pocophones, and is or was very pleased with it ..

    • @Ch... Yes, my grandson is recommending it, but, he is only 18. This is why I was asking if any..

    • @Ei... nowadays even 14 year olds are usually very technically knowledgable so your Grandson probab..

    • @Ei... updating is done automatically by the manufacturer, and tweaking is not something that you c..

    • @Be... some people want to do things ‘on the go’ awkward on a bus with a 👩‍💻 laptop so nowadays th..

    • @Ra... please read Peters post 5 down from my original post, where he speaks of updates. I read his..

    • @Ei... and then there are the Experts reviews and also customers reviews, read the good and the bad..

    • @Ei... Peter was refering to an earlier career, when he was working as a software engineer. That's ..

    • @Ei... whilst I am not familiar with that particular xiaomi model, all of the Xiaomi phones I have ..

    • @Ei..., sorry for muddying the waters!

      I would expect that most phones will update their operating..

    • Yes, I used to modify Android software for a mobile phone company.

      There are three levels to the pr..

    • /cont...

      Apple control their products much more tightly, and there are many stories of them updating..

    • @Pe... might be information overload for eilish, but all very valid points, the plain vanilla googl..

    • @Ra... I didn’t even know they came in flavours as well as colours 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Surely you remember Orange? :o)

    • @Pe... oh yes. What was I thinking 🤔

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