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  • I have a canon pixma printer

    Today, I have replaced my black ink cartridge, I try never to use the colour ink, however, today when I went to use the printer, it would not work. I am assuming, it is because I got a message saying the colour cartridge was empty.

    My question, is, can I replace the colour cartridge with a black one, to make it work, as I do not have a need for a colour cartridge? TIA.
    • @Ei... Most probably not as they will have different sizes usually or are chipped.

    • @Ei... I agree with Ray, it is most unlikely.

    • In some (many?) printers, the colour cartridge is larger, but regardless, they will contain some kin..

    • You have to keep using the printer

      Pixma has the usual colour cartridges plus one small and one larg..

    • I only use my printer about 3/4 times a year and have never had it dry out or get clogged up.

    • @Ra... The cartridges are exactly the same size, but, I take the point about about the chip.

    • @Bo... The colour printer cartridge must deffo have dried out in my printer. since I hardly ever use..

    • @Em... Both the cartridges are exacty the same size. I only ever turn it on, when I need to print s..

    • @Ei... me neither, last time I did the picture came out all green 😄

    • Ink cartridges do dry out if left too long without printing.

      It is a common problem.

      Take no notice..

    • @Ry... I rarely use colour at all but have been lucky never to have one dry out. Maybe the room it’s..

    • @Ro...

      Some are lucky and some are not - that's life. Best to follow safe practice.

    • @Ro... Robert, The printer is quite close to a radiator, but, like all my radiators upstairs, they ..

    • @Ei...

      My printer is an HP Deskjet 2632.

      If you do not print regularly you risk clogged jets and d..

    • @Ry... I had my HP for many years and I replaced the black ink several times but, never the colour o..

    • @Ei...

      The colour cartridge is no different to the black one, they are both susceptible to drying ..

    • Mine tried out not so long ago --- ink supplied free but --- when I bought my HP printer took out a ..

    • @Lo... - HP Instant Ink? I carried on the contract with HP that my Dad had taken out. My colour c..

    • @Ry...

      Sorry, but, I do not agree with your theory. As I said prior, I had HP's for many years and..

    • @Lo... I do not print out 10 pages a year, let alone a month. The cartridge's were never a proble..

    • @Ei...

      Drying out of cartridges and blocked jets are NOTHING to do with the printer manufacturer w..

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