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    eilish @Eilish Woodlands updated 1 year ago

    Suddenly, I had no sound on my laptop.

    I got a message "low on disk space". I clicked on computer and it says 1.80 gb of 55.5 gb free with a red line through the long box. I am not IT literate in any way. Is there a way in which I can restore the missing disk space? Appreciate any help.

    • In my experience there are only two ways of dealing with this: 1,install more hard disk space (proba..

    • Looking closely at your screenshot, you appear to have a D drive (partition) with over 77 GB availab..

    • First reaction is that 55GB is quite small these days. A quick solution will be to move some files (..

    • Have you done any 'housekeeping' lately de-fragmented your hard drives or used the system utilities ..

    • I have a hp laptop and save no files on it at all. External hard drive is a blessing but I have lost..

    • I have a feeling that those C and D drives are in fact partitions of the same hard disk. With a bit ..

    • Clive & Dave, I did disk defrag, & using %temp% I deleted what files I was allowed. The laptop is su..

    • Eilish, please go to your Device Manager and check the Disk Drives section. Tell us what do you see ..

    • Dmitriy Here you are.I greatly appreciate all help, but. please remember I am not IT lierate.

    • Yes, that is a 160gb toshiba hard disk. The space can be merged. If you are not a happy do it yourse..

    • Hi All. I really was pleased to read all that useful help to solve Eilish's problem. I use an HP des..

    • I have no data on the C drive, I have moved them onto UBS. there is stuff on the other drive, but, I..

    • Just talking it though is likely to be like describing the taste of an exotic fruit to a person who ..

    • Thank you Dmitriy, I love the analogy, that fits me like a glove. I am busy now till Monday, will it..

    • I'm not on a set schedule. It varies a lot, so best to ring and if I can't do it at that time then w..

    • Thats great thank you.

    • @Ei... download and install ccleaner then run it it will clean all the crap off your C drive I use ..

    • I do too. Once a week. And it makes a vast difference. Free version of course

    • Brixton P I have just downloaded CC & cleaned this laptop, will see how I get on with my other lapto..

    • In order to operate optimally, most operating systems like Windows 7, 8 and 10 and also MACOSX need ..

    • I’ve also seen some pretty stupid practices from some antivirus programs which make a folder for bac..

    • I am not sure I understand he problem. I regularly every two weeks clean my system - HP AIO desktop ..

    • Bela, if you get no warnings, you're probably fine!

    • Thanks Peter. I will now be able to sleep better. By the way, do you know of a photo editor that is ..

    • You ought to open a fresh topic for this, Bela, but all I can recommend is Irfanview, which is certa..

    • Thank you Peter. I will try them and let you know.

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