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  • Holidays & Travel 2021

    With the Covid pandemic feeling like it is easing up slightly, what is everyone thinking about holidays?

    Over the last few weeks restrictions have been eased and we have all been encouraged to try and return to a sense of normality. Whilst this is a great step in the right direction, it can also be hard to balance real life with the right amount of caution. So, should webe travelling this summer? If so, what are the correct precautions to be taking? We have seen companies endorsing ‘cautious travel' - putting safety and flexibility at the top of their priority list.

    Over the last couple of years many people have lost out not only on the opportunity to travel, but also financially. With companies refusing to reimburse cancelled holidays and airlines offering credits rather than refunds when travel corridors have changed at the last minute... This has led to the majority of people who are looking to get away to only consider the safest of options. Which has in turn led to a record number of tourists holidaying in their home countries. However is this now becoming counterproductive?

    With resorts in the UK packed to full capacity and towns heaving with tourists it seems a far cry from the restrictions we were all complying with just a few weeks ago. Yet also a very welcome and much needed break for everyone. Were the restrictions lifted too quickly too soon? Or is everyone just happy to be returning to normal again?
    • @Sc... I'm operating on the same lines that existed under the last restrictions. For example ..

    • A few weeks ago I went to Ilfracombe. Worst hotel I've ever been to. The brochure looked lovely, in ..

    • I went for a 6 night UK break a month ago,

      I posted the details in the Travel loop.

      For those who m..

    • @Ve...

      I make no apologies or excuses for the hotel at all but their first shot of the hotel front,..

    • Someone's asked me if I want to go on a 3 night staycation cruise. Thinking about it. Most of the cr..

    • @An... Go, take precautions, but go.

    • @De... I really would like to. I've been watching discussions on cruises on FB and not hearing of a..

    • @An... I would already be on the ship, get packing!

      As long as you feel safe and look after yoursel..

    • I have just come back from Warners, Isle of Wight. Very few wore masks. Only older folk wore them. T..

    • We’ve been to Spain and Dorset, both lovely places but we had sunshine and could eat outside in Spai..

    • With panics again in hospitals Devon and severe rises in positive cases in Cornwall after a festival..

    • https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cornwall-58318695

      Wherever you go Stay Safe 👍

    • I'm not planning to go anywhere overseas until the stupid traffic light system is ended and I don't ..

    • @Mi... I agree, not worth taking the chance unless you have family to visit. Each Country keep c..

    • Tell me if I read it wrong but I read today that even if you have been to a Green listed country you..

    • That’s correct, I have done that .

    • We have close connections to Italy and have relatives there. Italy lifted it's 5 day quarantine for ..

    • @ma... enjoy! Everyone deserves a break after the last year or so x

    • @ma... have a lovely time 😄

    • @ma... Sorry, I'm late to say - but I do hope you have a most wonderful time. (I'm very envious)! x

    • I'm not planning holidays - I'm rarely leaving the house at the moment, even though restrictions hav..

    • In Italy with family and friends, nervous about my return but not nervous about being here so far.

    • @An... I've just heard that Terminal 5 only had two Border staff on duty last Friday evening, result..

    • Flying out from Stansted yesterday was very smooth and painless. Short queues through security, plan..

    • @De... we left through Gatwick, unbelievably quiet, the same when we went to Spain so it does seem ..

    • @ma... have a lovely time.

    • @ma... sounds ideal (not for the profit of the companies involved - but perfect for passengers and s..

    • I think there is trouble as Spain have faced long queues with locals shouting for tourists to “get o..

    • @Ve... Not just us then! I've also seen they are struggling in some countries with shortage of HGV d..

    • Again we had no queues when we went to Spain and everyone was pleased to see us. My son went with hi..

    • I am pleased we decided to travel. Certainly in this part of Italy it appears rules are more strictl..

    • @ma... it’s a shame that the government have vetoed the passes here

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