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    Mary b @Maryb Becontree updated 11 months ago

    Just come to this site, was told about it from a friend on another site. I have a jack Russell bitch coming up to four years old, my son has her brother. The third Jack iv'e had , grew up in a house with three dogs and had one ever since. Had all sorts of dogs from tiny Yorkie's to Dobermans.

    • It is interesting that you have had such a range of dogs and I wonder if most people do that, as I h..

    • We had a West Highland Terrier, adorable dog, he was our pal for 16 years and still miss him to this..

    • My first dog was a Alsatian then when in Germany we had an "Army dog" sh got posted to new owners ev..

    • Born into my nans house who had the three dogs mongrels, Peggy lassie and Trixie. Then had mongrels ..

    • Wow Mary, you certainly love your dogs, I think that's what you should do! when you lose a precious ..

    • @Sh... there is always the option to volunteering for the Cinnamon trust, walking pets for the el..

    • I did say after my last dog died no more. Then my son said he wanted a dog and i should get one as w..

    • I just checked out the Cinnamon trust Ray as I thought that was such a good idea for me but unfortun..

    • @Sh... the entire country is covered by their HQ in Cornwall, they have local co-ordinators all o..

    • We had an elderly mongrel (rehomed from my sister in law) then a Golden Retriever X Old English Shee..

    • Don't know if it's okay to mention cats on here. But never been without a cat in any house either. L..

    • I've always had cats too. I've never bought one but they've arrived on a regular basis, re-homed fro..

    • @Ma... there is a group for cats but there are plenty of people that love both and keep them at the ..

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