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  • Here I am, a new member.😊

    I’ll be honest I’m more into the classic films, maybe having worked at the British Film Institute in the 1970s and working for two film lecturers who were only interested in certain directors. We also got free National Film Theatre tickets so got to see all the best, and also see interviews with some of the greatest film stars of the day. And if you even breathed whilst watching films being shown you would get a Tut!! Forget all the munching, slurping, phones on, that goes on today, especially in those bijou cinemas.
    Anyway I just watched on BBC iplayer, “I remember Mama” 1948 for the first time. A beautiful very moving film of a Norwegian immigrant family in San Francisco. Irene Dunne should have got the Oscar. Can’t believe I hadn’t seen it before. Maybe more a woman’s film, if I’m allowed to say that today.

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