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    Scooploop has granted an exceptional request to change the handle for user to @Socrates. Requests from other users in future will be declined.

    On sign-up, a new user is asked to enter their name, and also to select a 'handle' (shown as ), a personal ID which is unique to them.

    A user may change their display name if they wish; however, they cannot change their handle. The handle is the name that absolutely and uniquely identifies a user through their time on Scooploop and ensures that, whatever the display name, other users will always be able to identify the user.
    • Interesting. I wonder why he has been given special permission? (Is it because it was a particularly..

    • @Bl... - an exceptional request was granted as the original handle was deemed inappropriate (for t..

    • @Sc... Just as I suspected then. Well done for that, and thank you!

    • As we are talking handles, please could something be done about duplicate accounts.

      I joined Scoops ..

    • After much deliberation I have decided to change my username...

      R.I.P. @Mr... S.P. You served me well...

    • @Ve... - have you lost your login information for '@Ve...'? You can delete the account yourself if yo..

    • I don't really understand how some are one name but @ something else yet me and others have the same..

    • @Bo... - It's presumably what each chose when creating their account. I didn't know I could change m..

    • @Bo... if you go to your profile page and then go to edit you can change your first name so you coul..

    • @Bl... Why don't you stop trying to cause trouble where there isn't any. The guy at his own reques..

    • @So... yes Peter has just shown an example above 👆

    • Thanks - I didn't know that, not that I want to change it.

    • @Pe... please don’t stay angry for long 🙂

    • @Sc...... "deemed inappropriate" if it was, why did you accept it when I joined.

      I'm sorry b..

    • @So... well done Mr Sok for taking responsibility yourself. Now if others could follow your examp..

    • @So... don’t let it upset or offend you . We know it was you that asked for the change and that i..

    • @So... I agree, that's exactly how I read the admins statement. I think the person who wrote that..

    • Thank you Albert and Rob.....

      I would like to make it clear that the reason I changed it was not be..

    • @Ch... - OK, I've changed it back, now Boots has seen. I'll only forget otherwise. But if you l..

    • If anyone needs support at the moment, it's me!

    • @Un... 'The Guy' Hmmm!

    • @Un... My 'little circle of friends' - I'm not quite sure what you're implying here. Is it any..

    • @Bl... "The Guy' "Hmmm!". What's that suppose to mean? Are you doubting, questioning "The Sok's" s..

    • Blodwhine is it? I knew it would only be a matter of time for you to stick your nose in. Well you kn..

    • @Un... Don't be so daft - I meant him as your alter-ego (you had used the term 'the guy'). I w..

    • @Bl... Well nothing gets passed you does it my dear? It's common knowledge I have openly supported..

    • @Pe... bless him couldn’t you find one that’s smiling 😁

    • @Ch... - there are lots of cute pictures of smiling happy hedgehogs if you look on line. I want..

    • @So... I must agree that the way scoop worded that inferred you had been made to change your name..

    • @Da... yes it seems rather strange that they should firstly say they are granting an exceptional req..

    • @Ro... 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    • Don't think it sounds ominous in the slightest, @Ro... , maybe they just took a punt at Sok's reaso..

    • @So... I unfortunately feel the second comment was to placate a certain individual, which seems u..

    • This must be a first on the forum....a divorce 🤣

    • Mrs Sok is now one half of a pair of Soks!

    • @An... she always was, as they don’t even know each other 😂.

    • @An... 🤔 and according to the OP she can't revert to her maiden name 🤣🤣

    • @Ro... Must be following the fashion of wearing odd socks 😂

    • @Pe...... "The original name was clearly chosen to provoke" how the hell do you know why I chose it..

    • She created this alias to provoke and wind me up and to try and give credence to her obsessive suspi..

    • @Ve... No but she can revert back to her original name CatherineS.

    • So many false assumptions, speculations and controversy.

      It's the weekend, the support team should ..

    • @So... What was your supposed name in a former (Kahuti) life?

    • @An... I've got no idea ask Catherine,, aka,, Mrs S

    • @So... - the term "sock puppet" has a clear meaning in the sphere of an online forum, and I do no..

    • @Pe... personally I had never heard of the phrase until I came on here but if it was so widely know..

    • @Pe... Crikey... anything else you want to add to that monologue?

      Go and heat up some more of your..

    • @Ro... I would guess the system is programmed to block obvious obscenities and profanities, but the..

    • @Pe... and "clearly chosen to provoke"

    • @Ro... - the term 'sock puppet' to mean a secondary account used to give covert support to someone'..

    • @Pe... exactly my point. Why was nothing said until Sok wanted to change it himself ! Doesn’t make ..

    • @An... this part of the thread needs to be moved to one of the quizzes loops 🤔

      PS I don't remember C..

    • @Ve... Can't remember what flirting is, too long ago 😂

    • @An... 🤣🤣 great response 🤣🤣

    • @Ve... If only it wasn't true 😂

    • @Ve... who mentioned flirting? I thought someone was pretending to be another members wife! Sok said..

    • As 'Brucie' would say "Good game, good game".

      I wonder if Scoops started this post on a Friday to gi..

    • @Ve... absolutely. Women’s Wimbledon final starts at 2pm though 🎾

    • @Ro... Absolutely right.... the hedgehog eater... another bloody know all, who thinks he can read p..

    • @Ro... oh will it all be over soon then ? [she says hopefully]

    • @Ve... She was certainly not flirting with you, in fact quite the opposite of that I've been told, f..

    • I'm not even sure that Socrates is the greatest choice in change of name. A philosopher he was, but ..

    • @Bl... How can she be "well out of it", when she wasn't in with it to start with?

    • @So... - naaaah.

    • @Bl... - sweepstake on how long before 'Mrs Socrates' appears? 😂

    • @Bl... Thank you Blodwen. Unfortunately, I'm stuck with the name until the divorce papers come thr..

    • I don't think even CatherineS is that stupid, mind you I wouldn't put it past her, she's a bit 😵

    • @So... if I had never heard of it I wouldn’t be looking for it on Wikipedia or anywhere else 😳

    • @Ro... I know.... he's just trying to provoke me and cause trouble.

    • @So... I believe it’s down to the moderators leaving ‘an announcement’ as an open thread availabl..

    • @Ro... only heard of it first on here and had to Google to see the meaning

    • @Bo... I am glad someone else owns up to not hearing of it before. I thought that the lamb with Shar..

    • @Bo... it’s going well and we have the men’s final tomorrow afternoon, before the evenings football ..

    • "Sock puppets” are the scourge of online discussion . Multiple accounts controlled by the same user ..

    • @Ro... Oh deep joy - not

    • @Ve... who the hell reads that, publication?

      Not exactly mainstream popular.

    • @Ro... Gordon the Gopher

    • @Bo... 😂 I forgot about him.

      Many years after Shari Lewis passed away her daughter Mallory appeared..

    • @Ro... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LF0T3STTzvA

    • Well this post has taken a weird turn, a Who's Who of puppetry. 😂

    • @Ro... Yes, Shari Lewis's Lamb Chop character was, indeed, a sock puppet of the time. And of course..

    • @Bl... some of us have other lives outside forums and I keep my private life and career exactly th..

    • @Ro... I also have a life outside of forums, and also keep my private life and career exactly that ..

    • @Bl... I am sure we have walked very different paths.

    • @Ro... Most probably (hopefully). I'm not much of a one for speaking in riddles, however.

    • She's not still mouthing off about sock puppets is she? She's been good and proper brainwashed by he..

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      3 months ago
    • I was wondering where the rest of the coven had got to? 😂

    • @Bo... there was a long thread in All Aboard about sock puppets which you may not have seen.

      A memb..

    • @Ve... very interesting how many have you got then?

    • @Ve... Rather like MrSok and Uncle Albert are doing. That terrible twosome - Grr!

    • I find it best to ignor as much as possible as the trouble makers always respond with nasty name cal..

    • @Ve... I wouldn't boast about allaboard if I was you that cult.

      So many aliasis in that group That'..

    • @Ve... Yes i know about it now but didn't a few months ago, most of my friends in my outside life ar..

    • I'm with you @Bo... this is the first forum I have ever been involved with after I retired. Since th..

    • @So... out of curiosity and totally off thread but - how do you get @ha... in the middle of a po..

    • @Bo... you have to write it manually.

    • @So... what like this @So... ?

    • @So... thanks, didn't know it would come up blue if I did that.

    • lamb Chop was a sock puppet. Just looked it up on google.

    • @Ev... I used to watch Muffin the Mule when I was very small 🦓 the wooden puppet on strings 🦓

    • @Ve... I had a metal one (should have kept it!) and have a little Muffin ornament still.

    • @Se... much more fun than a sock puppet

    • @Ve... Not so warm and cuddly though. But you seem the type of person who prefers hard cold sharp th..

    • @So... rather have that little face than a smelly old sock any day.

    • @Se... you can wash a sock puppet as often as you wish and it will smell clean and fresh.

      looking ..

    • @So... - it's not ceramic, more like soap stone - still a happy little fella. Jealousy does not b..

    • @Se... jealousy of that thing I wouldn't have it anywhere near my socks that material absorbs all s..

    • @So... - sorry, you're still not having him.

    • @Se... Sod it, my plan hasn't worked. ☹️

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