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    Fraudulent emails

    I was so glad that I watched The One Show last night. There was a presenter from Watchdog, speaking to new Uni students about fraud emails. He showed them 2 identical emails and asked which one they thought was a fraud. He asked them to "If the email address is in blue, don't click through" It will be a fraudulent email.

    I made a purchase online on the 20th Aug. I received an email thanking me for the order. I was surprised to notice that it came from a noreply email address. I then got another email telling me that my order had been delayed and it had an actual email response address. 2 weeks ago I emailed them asking for delivery info.On Monday, I got an response. I never opened it until this morning, asking me to click on a link to get more info. The link on the email was in blue & remembering the "if in blue etc" I did not click on it.

    I have been in touch with my credit card company to initiate a charge back. The bank knew about the blue email address being a fraud. Please beware.

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