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    Essex couple retires after more than 70 years of care work

    A couple from an Essex village who have spent more than 70 years combined serving their community are set to retire. St Osyth residents, Tony Jackson and his wife Belinda decided to retire decades spent helping others in careers at Essex County Council. Tony and Belinda have served their community, both Tendring and Colchester, for a total of 72 years in "a life in service".

    Tony's love for working closely with people began in a residential care home where he worked as a handyman. He met Belinda and the world where people make a difference in the lives of children with disabilities. Tony and Belinda's joint journey in serving those in need began, and Tony took a full-time job in a team of carers.

    The couple decided to train as social workers and completed the training together, taking another step closer to their dream jobs. Belinda said: "I don't think they had had a man and wife couple before, and we had to sleep in different units during our training." Tony and Belinda went further and decided to take their social engagement a step further by specialising.

    Tony changed course and went into Adult Social care, whilst Belinda remained committed to the world of children with disabilities, and children and family support.
    Tony worked his way up the career ladder becoming a senior social worker and finally ending his career, as the manager of a social work team in Colchester supporting people, both staff and service users pre and post-Covid, at the hospital.

    Alongside their social work careers, Tony and Belinda also became shared carers and offered support in their own home to children, allowing their families a break from the caring role. Tony and Belinda have three children, two daughters, a son and two grandchildren, and are now looking forward to some quality time with their family at home.

    Their inspiring journey has been a testament to care workers in all sectors, paying special tribute to those who work with children with disabilities. A spokesman for Essex County Council said both would be missed by all those who had the pleasure of meeting them through their work.



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