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  • Do They work.

    Mary b @Maryb Becontree updated 13 days ago

    On new years eve, as my dog is very stressed with the fire works, I had three pet remedy plug ins working in the room she was in. They didn't work for my dog, she was just as stressed and agitated with them on. Has anyone else used them and found they work for their dog. Next year I'm going to see if the vet can give her an injection, as don't like to see her so stressed out. She seems to be getting worse with age.

    • @Ma... I've found all of those gadgets, plug ins, special collars or coats, etc, never seem to work...

    • Someone tied a scarf/snood around the ears of their dog as I recall or maybe a hat, which helped a b..

    • Sandie08 my dog wouldn't tolerate anything on herWon't even have a dog coat on.

    • I had a dog who tried to dig the edges of the carpet up in a bid to bury himself (Labrador) but he w..

    • I had a cat that would get in a state firework night. Had therapeutic plug ins and sprays but they d..

    • @Ma... yes can be difficult. Like a toddler whipping off a hat and gloves when out. ☺️

    • I always found that the plug-ins made no difference although I don't like using the sedatives I thin..

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