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    Could this be a solution to the energy price crisis?

    I found this possible solution from an organisation. I've left their name out so it doesn't politically influence commenters.

    It's an energy war. Government must take control of UK energy production pricing.

    UK energy producers obliged to sell to UK suppliers at 2021 average price or be nationalised.
    Domestic cap returned to circa £1750 per year
    Business cap at circa 35p per Kwh
    Extra help still required for most vulnerable
    Exists until normal market conditions return
    Still exposed to global prices for circa 50% of gas needs , so approx 20% of total UK energy production.

    I have no idea about the legality or otherwise, but its simplicity stands out.

    By forcing all UK energy producers to sell at a fixed price, based on 2021, all the other parts of the jigsaw fall into place. As acknowledged, it still leaves the problem of imported gas, and for that matter electricity. Obviously gas power stations, for example, could not afford to sell electricity at 2021 prices, if they are now paying higher prices for imported gas. This could be resolved though by subsidising such imports.

    It is also a much more comprehensive and a cleaner solution than the windfall taxes proposed, which don’t cover all energy producers.

    Best of all, this proposal ensures that renewable generators do not get away with fleecing consumers, as they are now.

    Those last 3 paragraphs are copied from a website, with no author mentioned. Just so I don't get accused of plagiarism.

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