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    Derek R @DerekR Iver Heath updated 1 month ago

    Last night I tried, numerous times, to submit a comment.
    Granted it was pretty long, but when I hit "Submit" it came up telling me there was a 2,000 char max for comments. I copied it out of Scooploop and dropped it into Microsoft Word to count the characters. The result was 1,909. I had 91 clear characters and yet I had to edit downwards to submit my comment, which changed the context!
    This left me not knowing how far I needed to reduce my comment to be able to submit it.

    Eventually after reducing my text, yet trying to keep context, I managed to submit my comment.

    1) Could you tell me what the difference is between your count and Word (for example spaces).

    2) is it possible to add a char count so that we know the extent of editing required?

    3) is there any way to submit a comment and have a tick box to be able to submit a second comment to appear contiguous to the first, without other people submitting comments in between? (Perhaps holding the first comment in abeyance, until the continuation is submitted?)

    • I don't know why you waste your time Derek, the recipient of the comment has no ability to take on i..

    • @De... to quickly answer your questions: 1. I have no idea how Word counts the characters - we howe..

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