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  • Joy @Joy2 Harold Wood updated 1 month ago

    Co-op Recycling

    Is everybody aware of the recyling at the Co-op new (selected stores)? They are collecting all those pesky pieces of plastic that couldn't be put in the general recyling bags collected by the council. We only have a small Co-op where we live, but they do have a collecting bin. This is from the Co-op website -
    • I think most supermarkets allow you to put any stretchy plastic into their bins for recycling carrie..

    • @Jo... I'm very glad about this. However the bins for general soft plastics are ridiculously small. W..

    • @Le... That list of what the Co-op scheme can accept includes much more than the usual stretchy "s..

    • There is finally a (single) bin in our Sainsbury's, which is always full, but it's a start. Taken th..

    • I can't find a list of which Co-op stores are taking part in this scheme and the list of recycling l..

    • @Jo... Whilst any recycling is a step in the right direction it`s not "all those pesky pieces of plas..

    • Read the article!

    • @Le... & @Jo... My apologies-I didn`t read it all.

      it IS quite a lot of those pesky pieces we can`..

    • @Kr... A lot of people in Enfield used coop compostable carriers to line their food waste b..

    • @Le... Yes but I`m in Barnet who dispensed with their food waste system-very soon after spending l..

    • @Kr... That's strange. Most councils seem to collect food caddies weekly - I thought it was..

    • @Le... Doesn`t seem to be a Gov. edict otherwise Barnet would have to continue.

    • @Kr... No been googling and it isn't but may be in future. Found this an interesting read. ..

    • @Le... Ours don't, never had

    • @Le... Interesting.I`m a little surprised that 70% of it is individual househole waste;that`s drea..

    • @Kr... Enfield and Barnet are both within the collective North London Waste Authority; see ..

    • @Di... I dug a deep bean trench last year and filled it with various foodstuffs, and covered it ove..

    • @Le... I did this 20+ years ago, before foxes became such a problem round here, and had no problem..

    • I try and remind myself that foxes and badgers were here long before we were.

    • (wrong editor, should have been on sub-thread)

    • @Le... - Slough BC doesn't provide a food waste collection, but their black bins supply the local ..

    • @Di... Yes-I remember you saying this to me before that, they were both part of NLWA, but neverthel..

    • @Kr... That's very odd, if two member councils have access to the same recycling and waste ..

    • @Di... It might be worth pestering but since I don`t use the food collection-never did-I`ll leave t..

    • @Kr... I only use the food waste collection when my ageing cat refuses some wet food - usua..

    • @Di... Aren`t all cats like that?🤣 Mine`s not ageing and that`s exactly what she does!!

    • @Kr... Mine is definitely getting fussier with age. Mind you, this is the cat who went on h..

    • @Di... Fresh is even cheaper,but a little more effort. Mine doesn`t get fresh every time but I buy ..

    • @Kr... Mine mostly prefers meat to fish, although I try to alternate them as far as possibl..

    • @Di... Good for the garden. So for me-on the heap! But surely you can put them in the food waste bi..

    • And to get back a little closer to the original topic.... https://www.about.sainsburys.co.uk/sustain..

    • @Kr... I know that there are blood, fish & bonemeal fertilisers but how would you reduce th..

    • @Kr... That's rather the point that I tried to make above: Sainsbury's etc only recycle str..

    • @Di... Yes-doesn`t always happen the first year but what`s not finished rotting gets chucked back i..

    • @Di... But the article,if you scroll down a bit says it can take stuff that I don`t think of as sof..

    • @Kr... Not wrong, no. We've all been doing what we could to date but this Co-op initiative ..

    • And the best news is that the coop about 10 minutes from us is one of their recycling ones! Have got..

    • Must check my local one too. Thanks @Jo...

    • @Di... I suppose it is soft plastic but not stretchy plastic (we know they take that). It’s not har..

    • My council only take glass and plastic bottles. I try not to buy veg or meat in those rigid plastic ..

    • Gosh that's very restrictive.

    • @Le... How did you establish that? Nothing that I could find online was sufficiently specific to l..

    • @Di... They had a map. I'll try to find it again but you know how hard that can be.

    • Found this instead.


    • @ma... useful-well done for finding it- but of course not one anywhere near me !! Typical. What stor..

    • @Kr... Did you mean me not Maire? The store near me is Silverdale in Tunbridge Wells.

    • @Le... Great; at least our larger (and not so handy) local Co-op is on that list.

      Thanks so much ..

    • @Le... Yes Lesley-sorry. Well done you.I obvs clicked the wrong comment!! Is it Coop or some other..

    • Yes those are all Coop branches. There's a branch in Bush hill Park Enfield and otherwise they seem ..

    • @Le... I don`t drive Lesley. Bush Hill park is too convoluted a journey.

    • Nothing in my area

    • Sometimes it feels as if suburbs are served almost as badly as country villages!! Wecertainly have t..

    • @Kr... It's not just the suburbs. HSBC are closing their only remaining branch in Hackney, ..

    • @Kr... Don't forget that cats need taurine, which is mainly found in organ meat - if you ch..

    • @Di... I`m aware of that & she does get commercial food too.These trace elements are the reason I d..

    • Found my local co op has a bin so thank you all.

    • @Di... My local high street in Kingsbury had Nationwide, HSBC, Lloyds, Barclays and Halifax - HSBC ..

    • @Di... I hope not!! They are trying very hard to push cash out -aren`t they?

    • Rather horrified to find that London Recycles (the social media name for ReLondon, the reincarnation..

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