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  • Clothes pegs!

    ShirleyM @ShirleyM Camberley updated 3 months ago

    Nowadays our washing line clothes pegs are so pretty, don't just save them for hanging out your washing.......they will seal bags of anything you have opened in your freezer, chips, veg, opened loaf bags, discarding those annoying sticky tabs! Useful too for clipping bills name it, clip it together with a clothes peg! don't waste money on dearer bag clips, the humble cheaper clothes peg is so handy.

    • @Sh... yes I have been using them for alsorts for years. xxx

    • @Ly... Same here, I used to have some 'half' nailed to a shelf - for notes, shopping lists, photos ..

    • yes, I like pegs for all sorts of things, too. But I try to buy ones made of recycled plastic (Co-op..

    • I bought some stainless steel ones by mail order once and it was buy one get one free. There were so..

    • We must have bought from the same place, I've got those and still using them, don't rust either!

    • Gosh, I've never seen stainless steel ones!

    • think I got mine from a catalogue - will try to find which one

    • I use them when changing the duvet, put them along the top then you can shake it down and the corner..

    • That's a great tip Susan, will try that. Putting on a clean Duvet is always a nightmare, lol

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