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  • Changes in Local Section

    Tomek @Tomas Rotherhithe updated 1 month ago

    We've made some changes to local section. Those include:

    1. You can now choose from how far you want to get local post notifications (see Notification Settings).

    2. Users often get notifications about local business offers. We consider that mostly spam as it's not how a neighbour would act. That will be limited now, posts from new users will be moderated till they gain some Scooploop reputation (being active in groups, having friends, collecting points for posts is what defines an active user).

    Little note for businesses: if you do want to tell others about your business on local section, do it like a neighbour would do, make it personal. Otherwise please use business post feature on your business section.

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Scooploop Tech Support

Scooploop tech support for bugs or feature requests.

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