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  • Tomek @Tomas Rotherhithe updated 9 months ago

    Changes to Blocking Feature

    As discussed on other occasion and requested by users, we've implemented a few more "improvements" to the blocking feature. Blocking will now pretty much mean to "make myself almost invisible" to the blocked user and vice versa.

    I don't want to list exactly what we've covered, but it safe to say the blocker should be out of sight of the blocked person, no notifications or comments/posts should be visible for both of them .

    There is one major exception to this feature, though. If the blocking happens between member and moderator of the same group, they will still see each others posts. It's for the simple fact that if either of them can't stand each other they should not be in the same group.

    The app will catch up shortly after.

    I can't really say "happy blocking" but If you do need to block someone and you still think there is something missing, a bug or a glitch, please let us know.
    • @To... thanks

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      9 months ago
    • @Br... I think I treat everyone with respect and like grownups, but I really do not appreciate your..

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      WOW Tomas that was brilliant. Well said.

      my estimation of you has gone through the roof. 👏🏻👏..

    • I also thank you Tomas and wish You a happy christmas and virus free New Yea.

    • @To... Merry Christmas Tomas and thank you for everything you do

    • Thanks all, but for the record I really don't want to take sides. I just want to keep this group emo..

    • OK the apps were sent for release. Meaning, the Android update should available this evening. iOS - ..

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