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  • Ryan T @RyanT St Albans updated 23 days ago


    My policy on bumping and in reply to Locigo's thread is this -

    Deliberate Bumping is bad Forum practice and is not acceptable on normal threads.
    I will never bump a thread.
    Having said that it is easy to bump a thread by making an innocent comment, so any objection to bumping is simply peeing into the wind.

    The exception are Polls, which must remain near the top of a Loop post list whilst active.
    So for all Polls I create, if progressive posts place the Poll too far down the list, I WILL bump them.
    • @Ry... - if you are the moderator you can always pin the post to the top of the feed.

    • @Pe...

      But the moderator on the Loop where I have placed two Polls has not done that. You are bein..

    • @Ry... - I can understand why the moderator might not want to do that -- for a start, I think that o..

    • @Pe...

      Thank you Peter - it looks like moderator 0 - Poll poster 1.

      I see no reason whatsoever why..

    • I wonder what happens if 10 or more people should post polls in one Group ('loop') and they are con..

    • I think, as I did when the other member posted about this, is that is so trivial it isn't worthy dis..

    • @Bl...

      You may be off-put by this poll priority, but there will never be 10 polls active at any o..

    • @Ro... So trivial, that the OP of the very thread in question 'loves' your comment.

      So I wonder w..

    • I don't know, @Bl... , Scooploop haven't stoked any ire today, so this could be the thread to argu..

    • OK. I've already said I don't think bumping is a problem, if done with restraint. But as a counter a..

    • I am just so fed up with this site talking about itself.

    • @Pe... Oh no - I've had enough of arguments for now!

      Have a lovely weekend everyone - I think the ..

    • @Bl... - taking my son to university

    • @Pe... Now that is a lovely area of Swansea, and so close to the Gower Peninsula. How lovely - hope..

    • @Bl...

      You said "I wonder why the thread was started in the first place"

      Well Blodwen, if you rea..

    • But that is the purpose of this loop, @Vi... !

    • @Vi...

      SL is a family and ALL families talk about two topics -

      1. local, national and overseas event..

    • @Bl... - he was at the Bay Campus for his first year, so my experience was that the City was 'flat..

    • @Ry... Okay, fair enough. But I haven't read that thread, and why did you not comment on it, instead..

    • @Pe... Oh, no - not at all flat! In fact, very hilly indeed! You need good, sturdy legs to get arou..

    • @Ry... Oh, - I can see that the discussion was closed, maybe this was why you started a new one?


    • @Bl... Going off at a complete tangent- do you speak Welsh? I'm trying to learn. Gosh it's a trick..

    • @Bl... this thread was started after the other one was closed, so Ryan couldn't comment on the ini..

    • @Le... No I don't, just a few random words. We had a couple of cursory lessons at junior school (t..

    • @Pe... Thanks Peter - I realised that about two hours ago ^ ^ ^ :0D

    • I understand but I prefer other subjects so I will leave the discussion to you.

    • I can pronounce :

      "Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch" though.

      It's my part..

    • @Bl...

      It is a trivial subject, but as Locigo raised a thread criticizing ME directly for bumping..

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