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    Building work

    Please be considerate if you are having any building work done!
    I am on the receiving end as my new neighbours of 18 months who succeeded my 20 years neighbours from hell have been refurbishing their house on and on. No consideration whatsoever for who lives in the semi next door to them.
    It has affected my physical and mental health big time. I cannot cope. There was a break of a few months and now Sunday it has started again. Noise non stop. Anger level passed its maximum. I cannot open any window. The cats are nowhere to be seen as they are not keen on building noise. Once again no warning or information about the noise and how long it will be on for. When I previously texted to ask how long the noise and dust would go on for, it was ignored. For one year 7 days a week there was building noise and often dust from next door. I have lost count of the number of head ache tablets I took. Suffering from Long Covid made it worse as my senses amplified the noise big time.
    Their builder came through my loft wall with the big metal beam when they built their loft conversion and denied it was them. They removed all their internal brick walls to replace them with panels. Most of my walls are now cracked. My roof extension got damaged as they walked on it doing their scaffoldings. A lot of dust flew over my side when all their external walls got repointed and on and on…
    Not one apology. Of course I am the bad one for complaining.
    I cannot cope big time. No point trying to keep the house clean and tidy as it makes me more aware of the damage caused by next door neighbours. Yet when a fox went to the toilet on their wheelie bin they made me clean it up blaming my cats and threatened me should it happen again… cats don’t go toilet on top of smelly wheelie bins!
    Please consider your neighbours if you are having building work carried out. Please inform them and communicate.
    Pay for window cleaning also.

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