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  • Blocking and Followers

    Tomek @Tomas Rotherhithe updated 1 month ago

    Posting this on behalf of the Support team:
    - a few people recently have asked us to bring back the blocking function in its original form (from like 2-3 ago - some users might still remember it), so we have decided to reimplement it. Hopefully we'll be done this week.
    - you will be able to manage your followers list, also to happen this week
    - some aspects of the changes might not be present on the app but it will catch up eventually (usually takes a week)

    Both changes will give you more control over your Scooploop account. I'm expecting comments to flourish under this thread but SL might not be able to answer till tomorrow.

    • Can you please describe the differences that you intend to implement please ?

    • Sorry off topic but how do I remove someone from my friends list ?

    • if you go to your friends list (drop down menu at top) then click on the person profile. There shoul..

    • All beyond me but thanks.

    • @Cl... can't tell you the specifics, because the website changed since the blocking was implemented..

    • @Mr... Thank you, done it

    • sounds a bit like changing one-way blocking (personal choice) to two way blocking which is weaponizi..

    • @Cl... all quirks like that if to happen will be amended as and when, no need to worry.

    • @To... why is the "following" facility required? Why not just remove it? All it does is cause animos..

    • What is going on with another post re. followers - I cannot believe what I'm reading, what a perform..

    • Some members actually use it for it's intended purpose !

    • @Cl... we should all be adults. IMO there is no need to follow or block anyone. If you are interest..

    • @Cl... And some members don't - therein lies the problem.

    • Actually I would love to know what it is these members do with this facility that is so horrendous a..

    • I personally have found 'following' causes animosity amongst members and is being used with maliciou..

    • I find some of your statements curious @Cl... . You act all innocent about how the 'following' faci..

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      1 month ago
    • @Br... calm down "mate" or you are gonna give yourself a coronary.

    • @To... I am aware you don't like references about "K". As Eleanor Roosevelt said “Learn from the mis..

    • @Ve... you know the way you lot are carrying on they are gonna shut scooploop down as well. Just lay..

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      1 month ago
    • @Mr... In the same vein, MrSok - you have your groups to which you belong, so why are you tryi..

    • @Bl... i feel a lot of sexual tension between us Blod. 😉

    • All you all do is insult each other - why not make another private group for people who despise one ..

    • @Se... i know what you mean it's like a car crash you can't look away.

    • @Se... i think you would make a good administrator.

    • @Se... as soon as I see a post from the childish fool with the silly name I have no problems ignori..

    • @Al... hahaha but you don't 😄

    • @Mr... "i feel a lot of sexual tension between us Blod" Why on earth would you say such a weir..

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      1 month ago
    • @Bl... for goodness sakes!

    • @Se... I agree and it spoils serious debate. Why do pathetic people think they are funny? I'm waiti..

    • @Br... - you have my word, it can be so private that mere average wouldn't stand a chance of admitt..

    • @Ve... your word is my command "Banter"

    • I have to admit to finding it quite astonishing that the main culprit of these actions (ie, maliciou..

    • I don't take kindly to 'banter', particularly of the sexual kind, from some random on an internet fo..

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      1 month ago
    • Suspended from which group ?

    • @Bo... from the Scoops site for a few weeks. It is a pity lessons have not been learnt from what hap..

    • You can't see peoples comments from private groups

    • That is the reason for a number of groups to have gone private. Even if you follow a person you shou..

    • @To... would you please explain to me how someone who is suspended @Br... can still comment as abov..

    • Sorry all, I'm bit lost reading the comments. @Ve... not totally sure what you mean by "I am aware yo..

    • @To... thanks for your reply. I think it's a simple question if someone is suspended how can they co..

    • @Mr... no, they can't - simple answer ;)

    • @To... that was the answer i was expecting. So how did brianm comment after his alleged suspension?

    • @Mr... and now you lost me again ;) Please ask the support, thanks.

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      1 month ago
    • @Br... why do you lie?

    • @Br... that was a short suspension

    • @Mr... If you wish to ask questions about other subjects, could you please start your own thre..

    • Oh, and PS, Sok - I'm still wondering why you wanted to follow me.SL Support - please step in any ti..

    • I find it hard to fathom, with what’s going on around us at the moment, that people are behaving lik..

    • May I wish a very happy Christmas and a Virus free New Year to our support team.

    • @Ca... yes Helen, you are the best person who pontificate on that one

    • @To... In reply to your question to me. This was a serious OP and only about 10 of the 100’s of memb..

    • @Ve... If they can seriously stop the multiples they won't need the blocking

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      1 month ago
    • Sounds a bit paranoid doesn't it ?! .........but basically true .....those that don't learn the less..

    • @Mi... Would you please explain Helen?

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      1 month ago
    • @Br... So what do you propose scooploop to do, perhaps give you the authority to pick who you consi..

    • @Mi... You haven’t explained why you appeared to refer to me as someone called Helen?

    • @Ca... they have this paranoia and twisted view of reality that many members on here are in the..

    • @Mr... If “they” are focusing on me, I cannot see why! I have never interacted with @Mi.....

    • @To... Can something please be done about these paranoid unfounded accusations? I find them very dis..

    • You might not know this but brianm and mimispencer are unbelievably administrators/moderators of gro..

    • As a kind remining - if you have any questions or doubts - please direct them to me (as a PM) and no..

    • @Ca... as I understand it Tomas, is "scooploop tech support," you should contact "sooploop comm..

    • @Sc... I apologise to you and to @To...

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      1 month ago
    • @Ca... no need to apologise. I'm happy to answer any technical questions related to Scooploop, ..

    • This will cheer us all up, when doesn't Dolly cheer people up?

    • @Ca... just to give you an insight into the poor standards of these people, brianm an administr..

    • @Ca... I had the same problem with an individual who made unfounded accusations about me. He’s ..

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      1 month ago
    • @Br... No. They’re not.

    • @Br... @Mi... it's good that you agree with me at least.

    • @Mr... Your're just white noise, you and your mates - if you get so much out of it, just carry..

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      1 month ago
    • @Br... @Da...👍 burned 😁

    • @Mi... white noise or not you still come back for more you can't keep away.

    • @Mr... I know you're need so much validation, you're definitely not an alias, nor is Leroy or ..

    • @Br... This is why, nowadays, I only post in my own private group where people are decent and frien..

    • @Mi... I think i'm fabulous too. thank you for acknowledging that.

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      1 month ago
    • @Da... i think Tomas is enjoying this it's been set up as a social experiment like big brother.

    • @Br... why do you lie?

    • Ok I quess it is time to close the thread, enough was said. Let's all try to stay positive before Xm..

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