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    Best episode from any sitcom

    I like binge-watching same old sitcoms over and over again. I particularly love Friends, The Office, IT Crowds, HIMYM, Flight of the Conchords (even been to a gig at O2 once) and they all have brilliant episodes at times. The winner for me though is 4.17 episode of New Girl: Spider Hunt.

    Just watched it yesterday again and it left me in tears as per usual. The chat between Nick and Jess is a pure masterpiece of comedy. If you don't know "New Girl" but have access to it, you can easily watch that one episode straight-on. The only background you need to have is that Jess and Nick used to go out and Cici is Jess's best friend - that should suffice.
    • Here's a few old classics.

      Dad's Army - Don't Tell Him Pike

      Fawlty Towers - the one with the hamst..

    • @Mi... thanks for that. I watched all episodes of Fawlty Towers, Only Fools and Horses and Black..

    • Fools & Horses the chandalier.

    • @De... thanks will watch that

    • @De... there aren't many episodes of Only fools and Horses that I wouldn't put as my favourites.


    • @To... I was going to recommend to you, if you are in the mood for something silly and funny its a c..

    • I was going to recommend Red Dwarf, in particular: Series III/1 "Backwards", Series V/6 "Back to Rea..

    • You mean Mel Brooks' Blazing Saddles? I love his movies, my favorite one is Robin Hood Men in Tights

    • @To... Yes that's the one brilliant, and on tonight 25th June 10:35 p.m. BBC one. Another Mel Brooks..

    • @To... I watched New Girl when it first aired here. But after a few episodes I found I stopped watch..

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