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    Behind the scenes of selling scams - Part 1

    When you connect to a website, not only does it know where you are (or where you are pretending to be!), it also knows what your computer operating system is (Windows etc.), and the web browser you are using.
    Below is a website that offers to revive your PC. Due to an error in their programming, it may show that you are in Germany, but if you are in another country, it will show that. I changed my location to Singapore, and you can see the result in the attached image.
    The date at the top of the page will always be the current date, and of course, the offer's availability is limited: 'Updated September 2022: Whilst it’s unknown how long this free offer will remain available, we anticipate it to expire soon so we strongly encourage all of our readers to claim their copy today to avoid disappointment.' This date will also change whenever it is viewed.

    Should you click any of the links, you may find that they are no longer available.

    Are you shocked!?


Scams of any type.

Post scams of any type. If it is not from personal experience, check its veracity if you can; Snopes.com is a good reference. I shall be posting IT scams as I become aware of them, and you of course, can do the same.