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  • Avoiding supermarkets

    Very sad and worrying to see staff and customers wearing a mask below their nose or mouth... yet they are wearing a mask!
    Avoiding supermarkets big time such as N14 Asda where even the security man amongst others wear a mask below the nose. Some people feel the need to turn up with someone else when they should go by themselves.
    At the mini Tesco Hampden Square N14 the manager also thinks best to wear his mask below his nose. I had a word with him and now if he sees me he pulls it up over his nose. Customers without masks can shop there no problem.
    Receiving parcels and mail is far from safe either as all would have been handled by several people.
    And with all this danger around I have been told (not asked) to attend jury service for a minimum of two weeks when one is told to stay safe and stay at home. The option is a heavy fine following a court appearance...
    I did respond mentioning that I run a cat rescue by myself so I do not have the time nor the energy but I was told this is no excuse. At all times I am worn out and never have enough time to get in with all my tasks so this jury service is not going to help. I don’t want to use public transport or taxi for obvious reasons and there will be nowhere to park. I don’t want to be in a room with other people at present.
    Nothing but grief in this sad world!
    • @Be... Possibly your doctor cam give you a note to say that you are not well enough to consider ..

    • P.S. You can also ask for it to be delayed to another time.

    • About two years ago mentioned it was not possible and they agreed I did not have to go but this time..

    • You probably know about this but reply to it via... https://www.gov.uk/reply-jury-summons

      Mention th..

    • Having done Jury service I found it an almighty waste of time. You spend hours waiting for cases,som..

    • I had 7 days to reply

      I don’t open or touch my mail for about 10 days to be safe...

    • Oops. Phone them? Is that an option? Postal service has had some hold ups . I`d say you didn`t get t..

    • If I have to go they will soon send me back home

      What a disgrace when you are told to stay home and ..

    • Yes-I`m surprised but I guess if they didn`t continue they`d have such a backlog!!

      It`ll be masks, ..

    • The only way I can get there is on foot. Don’t see how I will make it all the way. My mind has other..

    • What Court are you assigned to -Wood Green?

    • I think you need to get a Dr`s note. I`m sure he or she would listen to your stress-level!

    • The cases I `judged`were obvious. No real judgements once you`d heard the case but you hear it over ..

    • @Be...

      The fact that you don't have the time to be away from managing your cat rescue should b..

    • Your cats needs you to be there for them, and you can't afford to catch anything!

    • Well no concern for the jury organisers on this occasion. Previously my excuse was accepted.

    • It’s not an excuse, it’s a reason and a very valid reason. I’m searching for gratis legal help for y..

    • Fine up to £1000 following court appearance.

      Re masks

      Too many people wear one below nose or below m..

    • Exactly.mThey will not be allowed in without wearing masks correctly. There are some very arrogant p..

    • At long last the jury service has realised I had other obligations preventing me from attending so I..

    • Brilliant news Beatrice. Well done. You’re right about the masks but the stores are legally enabled ..

    • We are all releived Beatrice! 😊

    • I have heard that supermarkets are clamping down on masks a bit more. I hope it`s true because what`..

    • Last night stopped at mini Tesco Hampden square the manager and one member of staff wore their mask ..

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