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  • PeterJ @PeterJ Slough updated 8 months ago

    Android app notification bug

    Summary: notification takes you to incomplete thread.

    Today I followed an Android notification to a comment on a group thread I had previously contributed to. I immediately replied to that comment, but on refreshing, discovered that about five further comments had been made in the meantime. (I don't mean added while I was writing, they had already been posted, but were not displayed.) Following another Android notification to the same thread, I found the same problem. The comment to which the notification applied appeared as the last comment in the thread, with subsequent comments (such as the one I had just written) hidden from view.

    The behaviour I expect is to be taken to the specific comment, but viewed within the entire thread -- ie I should be able to see any comments posted subsequently so that I know the discussion has moved on.

    [Update: appears to happen on iPhone app too (see comment below). Don't know about website.]

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