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  • Air-source heat pumps.

    Read what some owners have found. There are grants available but the total amount the Governmenet have alloted isn`t great! https://www.theguardian.com/money/2021/aug/14/at-home-with-a-heat-pump-it-makes-hot-water-when-its-freezing-outside?CMP=fb_gu_medium=Social_source=Facebook=IwAR0nTHRZdvm5G79X95m0YCM_gp1UyaYMivE2r
    • So who has the c.£8500 to install this heat pump ? Even with grant it is a costly deal as you mentio..

    • I was listening to Shelagh Fogarty (LBC) earlier today, and this was one of the discussion points.


    • @Sy... One of the reviews in the article above mentions the noise,the other says theirs is not any..

    • @Kr... What a good idea! Just such a pity that there isn't more grant money available. It's..

    • @Ki... Indeed. there`s still no way a low income household would be able to afford one-with or withou..

    • @Kr... Defo sounds like a good idea for new builds though!

    • @Ki... Agree but think builders are cost cutting. One hardly sees any solar panels on new build.

    • I started reading about it today and really considering getting one. I heard about them before but I..

    • @To... Oh the principle is very simple, it's like the reverse of a fridge. I have an air conditioner..

    • @Lo... Yes, it's such a shame, it would save people money in the long run, and is not at all forw..

    • @Ki... ok but you need electricity to transfer the heat/cold - how does this work out in terms of act..

    • @To... Yes that is the case. I find the air conditioner on heat quite efficient. You just have elect..

    • @Kr... I posted that article at the time and looked into the practicalities of installing o..

    • @Ki... Is this an air source heat pump or just an air conditioner, though?

      You keep calling it an ai..

    • @Di... Just an air conditioning unit, but the principal is the same

    • The problem that I encountered when I talked to one of the very few experienced installers of this k..

    • @Di... Interesting article. INTERNAL wall insulation is a bad idea for another reason then!! Glad I..

    • And there needs to be more definitive answers about insulating old houses too (before buying an heat..

    • @Lo... Most builders won't do anything until they are forced to, unless they think they will be a..

    • @Te... So once again it comes down to the Government NOT putting stringent enough rules/laws in pla..

    • @Kr... Absolutely!

    • @Kr... Following a link from the HH site, I found an interesting and very detailed report a..

    • @Di... I tried to read it but it`s a bit dry with so many bits not relevant to me. So I`m still con..

    • https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-57159056?at_custom4=0BB462CA-331A-11EC-AF3F-03383A982..

    • @Kr... You're not alone in that! For the time being, I'm following Heritage House's basic a..

    • @Di... Well done Diana. You`re right -it`s like re-inventing the wheel each time. There needs to be..

    • The previously unfamiliar form of heating that the estate is trying is infrared heating panels, cf h..

    • @Di... Sounds interesting!! Something to consider when my boiler packs up.

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