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  • https://www.lbc.co.uk/news/climate-change-protesters-clash-with-drivers-at-junction-off-m25/?fbclid=IwAR3n5FzF2Mew9Bn3FMiXLHC4sAV8GAkhJgQX-I8rvzvsgIupXLBD97QWDqs
    • I entirely support the improvement of insulation for our homes but there is no justification at all ..

    • It could have been done more appropriately and creatively and less disruptively!!

    • I'm not sure it could, @Kr...

      . This group are calling for immediate and measurable actio..

    • @Pe... I have a lot of sympathy for that view Peter!

    • @Pe... Surely the fallacy in that argument is the assumption that action must be disruptive. Disrup..

    • @Di... - Like what? Awareness of climate change as an issue has been around since the 1960s, hasn't..

    • The disruptive actions happened on our stretch of the M25 (ie,very near me). Whilst I'm unsure about..

    • @Bl... Well said @Bl...! They think it`ll all come good without them having to change their habi..

    • @Bl... The suffrage movement didn't have any of the modern means of communication so instantly ava..

    • @Di... - 'lazy'? 'easiest'? I can't think how either of these apply.

      Ruling out petitions -- an e..

    • I really dunno @Pe... Voting? But it`s a slow burner and we don`t have time. You vote for the party..

    • @Pe... Simply following and joining in with someone else's silly idea is about as lazy (and easy) a..

    • BBC news reported on Radio Four this morning that the woman amongst the instigators lives in a house..

    • Wish I could have my walls insulated.

    • Insulate Britain are a breakaway group from Extinction Rebellion. They are even more nutty.

      Their b..

    • @Bo... Well I just had mine done-half paid for by the Green Homes Grant. But -not much good if you c..

    • @Mi... Or they could`ve set-to making it possible for anyone with health problems or other emerg..

    • @Bo... Are your walls, like mine, solid rather than of cavity construction?

      In a heavily-protected ..

    • @Di... I've no idea, it's a council flat built about 1930s

    • @Bo... Then it would be well worth getting an environmental assessment done of the flat - and the wh..

    • I don't particularly condone this action on M25 but I do wonder whether these stories are relevant o..

    • @Di... What do you mean we have to agree to disagree "as usual"? I thought we were all on the same ..

    • @Mi... I sincerely doubt that this particular protest caused either of those incidents to happen..

    • @Bl... I mean that people have different views on specific subjects, as this thread (amongst other..

    • @Bl... Exactly regarding the incidents of people dying. To actually print something so “off the pl..

    • @Bo... 1930 homes (like mine too) mostly had solid, single skin, brick walls with NO cavity as moder..

    • @Kr... There's no way our council would agree to this, they would then be obliged to do it ..

    • @Bo... That makes sense-you`re right about not keeping up with repairs-there was a programme about s..

    • @Kr... it's badly in need of redecorating anyway but i have been putting it off as am on th..

    • @Bo... You`ll wait another 5 if things stay the same!!

    • I thought that actually blocking the motorway was a step too far. Not from an inconvenience point-of..

    • I agree. Too dangerous and alienating.

    • @Pe... Yes, I agree too.

    • I changed my view on this action after reading an article that says............

      "If we did what the..

    • @Kr... L Was this what you meant to put in Anything!?!

    • @Le... Yes. I thought it was in"Anything" and it`s obvs NOT!🤣 Oh well -less sparks!!

      Even member..

    • @Kr... I saw it in Anything

    • @Bo... I thought I had too Boots. If you find the link before me do post it,plz. Maybe we`re thinkin..

    • @Kr... There is a clear distinction to be drawn between the group's cause (which is admirab..

    • @Kr... I'm sure i saw it in Anything last night but cannot find it today.

    • @Di... I agree, i once belonged to an anti-vivisection group and wearing the tea shirts and badges,..

    • I think the really important thing is that we don't start arguing among ourselves in this group! Let..

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This planet is dying and we are all acting too slowly. Thoughts, debates & suggestions on how we can act FAST and attempt to save the planet.

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