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  • Tomek @Tomas Rotherhithe updated 2 months ago

    A few updates : removed content

    we've just updated the website with several bug fixes and upgrades. One of them is the way how removed content is handled now. If a moderator removes your post or comment (perish the thought!) you will be able to see the reason for this on the page rather via email only. To be added to user app as well shortly.
    Please let us know if this works as expected.

    Have a good weekend.
    • @To... Thanks for the info. Have a good weekend mate...Now let the carnage begin🤣

    • @Un... like The Purge !

    • @Un... FYI, ideally I'm not to be involved in any carnage-related matters either way ;)

    • If a post or comment is removed will we all be able to see the reason for this on the thread? If so,..

    • @Ve... a comment has been removed on another thread. I can’t see the reason! Perhaps Alan, whose com..

    • @Ro... I removed a comment ,clicked on it and it just showed me what I had written

    • @Ro... Here goes. Sok posted a comment yesterday saying we were overpopulated and it was wrong that..

    • @Da... interesting 🧐 Thanks

    • @Ro... I was nosy lol

    • @Al... and so should anyone that would use the most disgraceful terminology you have used. Our Fathe..

    • @Al... That's very extreme, you can't ban people from sites just because they have different opinion..

    • @Al... look on the thread! Only one comment was removed - yours! And I hope all other comments by yo..

    • This comment has been hidden by a moderator.

      2 months ago
    • @Al... ???

      Calling someone the most disgraceful and disgusting 🤮 word ever and now calling a fellow..

    • @Ve... it should work the same way for both removed comments and posts, but to be fair I can't remem..

    • @Al... You wouldn't recognise the truth even if it jumped up and bit you on the arse. And as for cal..

    • @Al... - disabled babies being born, I think, was the term.

    • @Se... why are you continuing this on a different group? Inappropriate!

    • @Ro... - because Alan said he was telling the truth - am I not allowed to make a comment?

    • @Se... this thread is about something different - let’s move on and reply to the OP

    • @Ro... - I am totally lost here.

      Why am I excluded when there are half-a-dozen posts just above t..

    • @Se... one rule for some and another for the rest of us.

    • What are the rules and policy? How many times can you make an inappropriate remark before being susp..

    • @Ve... I only mentioned it in regard to the OP as Vera wanted to know about an example of a comment ..

    • @Se... what have you been excluded from?

    • @Ro... thanks.

      I think it is worth listening to all view on justifications for removals.

      Name call..

    • @Ve... What Alan said wasn't a "mistake" He even repeated what he said with pride. Please don't try ..

    • @De... - making a truthful comment that is at odds to the wishes of the mighty few.

    • @Ve... as a gentleman of colour, I would laugh that off as just an old fashioned saying and I have h..

    • @Se... You've been told that you can't comment, by whom?

    • @Ro... it will be interesting to see the reasons for removing posts and comments. This may not have..

    • Wow scoop must start a thread on a Friday evening for everyone to fight on, thanks scoopy !

    • I can't believe that he made such a heinous personal attack on a member, his comment was removed he ..

    • @So... nope there isn't one.

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      2 months ago
    • @Un... - how differently we all see things. I didn't see the 'repeated with pride' bit. He rep..

    • @Ve...


    • @Ca... The question was... Were both comments removed? Answer No just Alan's.

    • @So... - Alan wrongly stated that both comments were removed, you rightly said that just his post..

    • @Se... Well he clearly isn't ashamed of himself for calling Sok a Nazi is he? He even repeated what..

    • @Se... you have every right to comment on this thread so I wouldn't be intimidated and reprimanded ..

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      2 months ago
    • @Se... there was no preceding post just the one comment.

    • @Se... thanks for your clarification 👍 seems we all agree

    • @Se...

      Unfortunately (but in reality, very fortunately) due to blocking I can't see what has been ..

    • Sok made the point that babies with severe disabilities shouldnt be allowed to be born to help stop ..

    • @Se... This is not one of these occasions when it comes down to a matter of interpretation. AlanF's..

    • @De... that sounds very like the one I referred to on this thread. And they accuse others of being ..

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      2 months ago
    • @ma... It makes you wonder doesn't it!

      They must have something missing in their lives! Apart from ..

    • @Ca... Care to explain the difference then?

    • I can't help but feel there's a great deal of deliberate baiting going on in this thread and many ot..

    • Just think about this folks. I have been criticized for defending the rights of disabled children to..

    • you are despicable, your insults show no bounds you should be evicted from SL immediately

    • @Le... I'm not even getting involved in this one as I didnt even see the original conversation tha..

    • @Ca... so you condone one member calling another member a Nazi you are just as bad then for sup..

    • I agree with you Alan, but sadly that group like to make despicable comments simply to provoke. I th..

    • @ma... I might have known you would turn up predictable. So you're condoning the use of the insult N..

    • @So... What do we expect Soc. They're all friends so think identical. No surprise at all there ma..

    • You have been criticised for insulting another member for calling them a "Nazi scum creature". is th..

    • Despicable comments to try and provoke? are you serious worse than saying someone's a Nazi scumbag c..

    • Alan F knows exactly what he's doing, because we haven't seen eye-to-eye in the past with our opinio..

    • @Le... Of course you agree with him. You're just as nasty as your friend.

    • I'm. Just glad I didn't see the original then edited post about disabled babies.

    • Alan isn't my friend any more than you are. I do not agree with him calling Sok a Nazi but I believe..

    • Hello....Creeper. 🤣

    • @Le... it wasn't written to provoke and it wasn't about disabled children and it wasn't removed.

    • Hello..... Creeper. 🤣

    • @Le... Read what the Soc has just told you. I think you owe him an apology, don't you? Along with ..

    • @De... that sounds par for the course. Hopefully this loop's moderators are more perceptive and res..

    • I know what I read and it disappeared so was removed by someone. Whether it was written to provoke o..

    • @Le... how many more times do I have to tell you it was not removed, Alan's was the only one that ..

    • For what it's worth, I don't think it was meant to specifically provoke Alan. Surely SL can access t..

    • Well let me just say this Lesley: When my missus was first told she was pregnant with my third child..

    • @Un... very astute of you. You understood the hypothesis exactly. Unfortunately it went over m..

    • @To... was there a reason to post this update on a Friday afternoon rather than leave it until Monda..

    • @Se... you're doing it now twisting my comment, it wasn't my views...The comment was posed as a phi..

    • @Ve... have you not noticed that each weekend scoop leave a thread for all of the madness to take pl..

    • He can't win, though, can he, @Ve... ? If he updates the code and doesn't tell you, you'll be on her..

    • Also, it give the whole weekend for users to get involved and share their opinions (although it migh..

    • @Pe... I have no idea what a code is 😨

      At least we can't blame "weekend madness" on the weather. L..

    • @Ve... - 'code' = the software that defines how the website works. Sorry, thought that was clear.

    • @Ve... Didn't you know, Vera. We have all been part of an experiment since the very first moment we ..

    • @Pe... Or calling other members "Nazi Scumbag Creatures!"

    • @Un... Yes the Matrix....😄

    • @So... - took me a while to work out what you meant, but, yes.

      (For the record, and the benefit..

    • @So... You and I both know if either of us had said the samething as Alan that lot on the Darksid..

    • @So... I'm not the brightest and fortunately don't have your way with words so you must appreciat..

    • @Pe... Yes. I apologise if that was not made clear.

    • @Un... We wouldn't hear the last of it, they would be baying for blood.

    • Let’s all get outside and enjoy the sunshine tomorrow. Spend time with people we like being with 🦸‍♀..

    • @So... Well they would be out of luck...I'm fussy who I give it too😉

    • This is interesting. After getting on his high horse, and trying to claim the moral ground, in criti..

    • What about those of us who aren't on a "side"?

    • @So... Well, to be honest mate I expect no less from people like that...And his mates are as choi..

    • @So... gosh really? It was about a paper bag lol

    • @Ro... Not for me - this weather has stopped my walks and my grass cutting

    • @Se... Apology accepted. I admire and thank you for your honesty. 💛

    • @Ro... Blimmy, Rob. You know alot of people😉

    • @Da... Do you want the truth?..No idea😉

    • Really!....You know it wasn't just about a paper bag.

    • @Un... I do and every one of them is special 🥸

    • @Da... I'm obviously as naive as you!

    • We are all on a side one way or another unless we are two faced.

    • @Da... we all need a sense of humour, respect for others feelings and patience 🤦🏽

    • @Se... Respect. 👏👏👏👏👏👏

    • You can wriggle and squirm all you like, and claim what you like, and throw as many insults as you l..

    • @So... it was a joke about a paper bag , countless jokes have been made about people who go to he..

    • @So... or too grown up to.pick a "side " on a forum that is supposed to be full of adults. Liking..

    • @Ro... I 100% agree with you. I.like many people on here who are different and have diff views and ..

    • @Da... now you will be accused of taking sides 😂.

    • @Ro... probably lol

    • @Le... Wriggle squirm and insults? I can assure you not. You haven't a clue.

    • @Ro... as Shaun of the dead said..

    • @Da... it's the hypocrisy. Don't you understand, of him getting on his high horse and quick to conde..

    • @Da... now you are putting words in my mouth did I say you was two-faced?

    • @Le... Who exactly has been "wriggling and squirming", and throwing insults??? Other than AlanF ca..

    • Do you know what - I've just looked again at the post/comment to which I have been referring and l d..

    • @So... forgive me but a) I don't see anything wrong with the joke and b) I don't know what the jo..

    • @So... I personally removed the so called racist joke that he complained about after I was made m..

    • @Bo... relax in your garden

    • @So... "We are all on a side one way or another unless we are two faced."

      That's a direct quote..

    • @Se... -- call me a cynic, but you do know you can edit comments, don't you? I'm not saying it has ..

    • @Pe... I believe Selsey is referring to the fact that soks post that she had spoken of has been edi..

    • @Da... Don't you know the older one gets we all revert back to our childhood days. It's the last cha..

    • @Da... -- ahh, OK. Sarcasm (which is what you have just described, I think) is very difficult to pul..

    • @Pe... quite. Which is wrong on all counts.

    • @Da... so will SL.

      This is in their Terms and Conditions :

      Content posted by users on the site is..

    • @Un... this is true Uncle!

    • 🤣 Is there to be a weekly badge for "most posts and comments removed" or "member receiving the most ..

    • @De... I am thick here.. . Meaning that sl will have files of all original posts and also edits?

    • @Pe... even if it was edited it’s better to do that than leave words like nazi scum or call another..

    • Does anyone know if the wording objected to was about "disabled babies" or specifically "Downs Syndr..

    • @Da... I would hope it records every keystroke submitted. That's what I'm understanding from what th..

    • @De... I think it would have to for audit and gdpr

    • @Ve... I'll check on Monday to see how many badges you were awarded?

    • @Pe... I wasn't being sarcastic, or didn't mean to be, I am impressed how it differed in tone to ho..

    • @Da... Exactly, and to catch anyone attempting to change history and destroy evidence.

      It should al..

    • @Se... - this is getting very complicated (and it's getting very late). I'm going to duck out now, ..

    • Somebody has got his big spoon out again I see🥄

    • Who would that be, Mary?

    • A giant jam making chef 👨‍🍳

    • @Da... don't know if he's a chef or makes jam but he's good at stirring😉

    • The only chef I've heard of in here is, Derek. But he, apparently is a specialist in cooking frozen ..

    • The whole point was the wrong assertion that my comment along with Alan's were removed,

      mine wasn't...

    • @Ro... I have never asserted that the offensive bit was removed by a moderator- it was removed by S..

    • @Se... Yes, no need to doubt yourself Selsey. Your memory is just fine.

    • @Da... the majority of the other groups are normal. Members generally enjoy discussing various subje..

    • @Ro... I agree, many nice interesting groups.

      I am #confused.com. In a previous comment you say "h..

    • @Ve... if you remember there have been some glitches but from yesterday it appears the ‘codes’ are g..

    • If nothing else. This thread has served its purpose in highlighting the "Darkside's" true colours. F..

    • @Da... There's billions of dead people who would have an issue with that one💀

    • @Un... I hate to say this ... but lately you have made me laugh 🤣

    • @Da... Sorry, didn't mean too😉

    • @Un... - That's jolly clever, I have to use a microwave... 😁

    • I just wish the s*** stirrers on here would be made to lick the spoon.

    • @Le... I've heard you like licking things. 🤣

    • @Le... One thing's certain. Won't be licking any spoon that's been in your mouth!

    • Just come on this thread this morning and 52 comments since last night ! - not sure i can be bothere..

    • @Bo... I wouldn't bother most of it's just boring but the gist of it is AlanF called me a "Nazi scum..

    • Come on everyone, is there any need to get personal even if people disagree with each other 😒

    • @Se... So they got to you then... who did you copy and paste that comment from? 😉 Sorry I'm going t..

    • @So... and you advocated the murder of unborn babies because they may be disabled. I think my des..

    • @Al... I am partly to blame for this as I can only put it down to your lack of intelligence and educ..

    • @So... I don't know what the trolley principal is and when I googled it I got - yes, trolleys.

    • For goodness sake, Alan is guilty of using totally unacceptable language and Sok is guilty of editin..

    • @Se... In my defence it was not unacceptable except for the people that did not understand the conc..

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      2 months ago
      Replies (5)
    • A philosophical discussion about overpopulation would have been an interesting stimulating and cereb..

    • @So... -

      Thanks for finally admitting the post was edited, I appreciate that, though there was n..

    • @So... a nice saucepan of hot water 💦

    • @Se... I've never denied it not being edited. It was obvious by the the notice on top of my comment..

    • @So... oy you, don't take the p out of my peas 😁😁

    • @Bo... don't get me wrong, I love peas full of vitamin C, more than oranges apparently. 😋

    • @So... what about a recipe for marmalade from your oranges 🍊

    • @So... -The first time you have admitted it though - might not understand philosophy but I'm not ..

    • @Se... if you couldn’t see it surely there’s a problem as it shows at the top of any comment that h..

    • @Ro... I've looked to the left, to the right, to the top and at the bottom and there is no mention ..

    • @Se... i can't even remember what thread it was on

    • @Se... I find it totally amazing how so many of you complain about threads such as this, and then s..

    • @Se... oh well! The sun is shining 😄

    • @Un... - what a cheek!! Of course I'm reading it and commenting - mainly due to your associate..

    • @Se... What have I said to change that. I never knew telling the truth was a crime. And besides my ..

    • @Se... Oh! Before I forget. As far as I'm concerned my "Associate" doesn't have a case to answer. A..

    • @Un... -

      No, sorry - And yes, your comment was directed at me.

      'Not only that, posting your..

    • @Se... As lovely as you can be at times, don't imagine everything that's said is directed at you pe..

    • @Un... - just carry on digging.

    • @Se... Thanks, but I think you've probably worked out by now yours truly doesn't require permission..

    • @Un... had me worried there. You were getting on so well I thought you were in a relationsh..

    • @Ro... So did I, so did I. sigh! Oh well! Plenty more fish in the sea. Have to get the old rod and ..

    • @Un... are we talking about polls again? 🤣

    • @So... Of course😉

    • @So... Accept my poll has a "Blue Badge Holders Only" on the top.

    • @Un... so it was all worthwhile falling down that pubs delivery hatch, into the cellar then. E..

    • @So... The Blue Badge for the van works a treat. It's amazing how many have got one and pop in th..

    • Does anyone think that scoop will read every comment on this thread? And if so, what conclusion will..

    • I can answer that one for you. They will think myself and my friends are perfectly normal in the hea..

    • @Da... they'll think mission accomplished. That's kept them busy until we came back to work on Monda..

    • Well, @Un... , they may come to that conclusion... ...or they may come to the exact opposite c..

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      2 months ago
    • @So... or half of this group will be banned! If I was scoop I would use it as a weighting system ..

    • @Da... the same conclusion they come to every weekend when they leave a thread open! Then it will ha..

    • @Da... If half the group is banned. That simply means there will be half the amount of crap to read...

    • I would like to ban people that use silly names and those with multiple IDs. I think everyone will k..

    • Just glad a deletion happened.

    • @Se... by author not moderator!

    • @Se... OK I am still.lost, what comment?

    • @Da... very easy to put a comment on the wrong thread, realise and remove it. And then ‘let’s talk a..

    • I'd like to ban people👆who use a false location address.

    • @Ro... I'm sure we both know that wasn't the case here.

    • @Se... I never saw it but

    • @So... I'd like to ban people who go around calling someone a "Nazi and scum".

    • @Al... Everyone? Who's this "everyone" you refer too? Not very smart saying things like that unless ..

    • @Un... not quite right, the complete insult was "Nazi scum creature" and not once but a number..

    • @Ro... lucky you.

    • @Se... yes I found having a bee in your bonnet is depressing . There’s a world outside social media..

    • @So... In that case what he said is even worse then. Definitely should be banned for life for say..

    • @Ro... - in the past hour, I've lifted a very heavy 9ft. x 7ft. rug after moving all furniture off,..

    • @Se... I have run 3 miles, helped a neighbour fit a washing machine, put the rubbish out and done a..

    • @Se... Well done Selsey. Three members spend their whole day on here, and two of them are the same ..

    • @Ro... -still got the bins and gardening to do.

    • @Un... Absolutely 7 upvotes from members supporting his use of the phrase "Nazi scumbag creatu..

    • @Mr... doubt I'll do much more - it's too hot!

    • @Se... That's why I try to get anything outside done early at this time of year. I have put the par..

    • I went for a 2 mile walk earlier but was still very hot, sorted out a cupboard chucking some bits an..

    • @Bo... I have to change a bag over and I am too afraid to start! The junk I keep in mine is stupid

    • @Da... but it is all essential 😁😁

    • @Bo... and you women tell us men we have too much in our pockets!

    • @Bo... of course it is! especially the one throat lozenge left in the packet, the pack of tissues I ..

    • @Da... A few years ago when going on a day trip I off loaded a lot of stuff from my bag but was ill ..

    • @Da... the rubber band which will be needed at some time, the paper clip you straightened and bent b..

    • @Da... - I had to ask the dental nurse recently to pass me something out of my bag which was on a ne..

    • @Se... is that because when searching through, you would think, "hey what's that doing there?" "Hey..

    • @Bo... I have done that when mistakenly forgetting to include my asthma pump and migraine meds!

    • @Se... yes, my kids laugh and say if they need anything it is either a) in my bag or b) in a cupboa..

    • @De... I am terrible for bending said paper clips lol

    • Given that conversations on this post have become side-tracked, we have decided to close it.Scooploo..

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